A new single from Ozzy Osbourne, a new Instagram feature, and 1 song that’s 62 minutes long. Warning: Includes my impression of Jason Momoa

My segment with Jeff McArthur on 640 Toronto is now online.

A new single from Ozzy Osbourne features a popular Game Of Thrones star as the Prince of Darkness.  Osbourne released a teaser clip for his new song Scary Little Green Men – starring Jason Momoa as the singer.


Canada finally caught up to America with the newest Instagram feature. If you notice on your stories section, people now have the ability to add music to their videos without it being muted. Before the launch, if a story featured music, it would be muted for Canadian users. Facebook says that if the song has lyrics, then they will automatically pop up and can then be used as a reference point to select the section of song you’d like to include in your Story.


Who needs an album when you can get the same amount of music in one song. Enter Arca, and artist-producer from Venezuela, just released a new song called “@@@@@.” that runs 62 minutes total.

Warning: This clip contains my impression of Jason Momoa.