Best Apps for Teachers and Educators

Boring lectures, tons of handouts and heavy homework books have all been replaced with mobile apps that are efficient and fun for both students and teachers. Lessons are no longer monotonous and boring but are filled with fun and interaction between teachers and students through games and videos.

Educational material has also been made available online hence teachers and students can still continue with their lessons even when they are not able to meet physically. With advanced technology, personalized learning is now possible and teachers are able to cater to the academic needs of all students. Here are some of the best apps for teachers and collaborators.


The Classtree app was created to make communication between parents and teachers easy. With Classtree, teachers can send documents or forms for parents to sign and send back without any stress. The app also allows you to see who has signed the forms and who has not signed thus making it easier to follow up.

Compatible with iOS and Android


The app allows educators to make learning fun by teaching through games. You can use the Kahoot website to prepare questions with their answers and the app creates a game out of them. Questions are displayed on a screen for all to see and students use the Kahoot app on their devices as a buzzer to pick a question to be answered.

Compatible with iOS and Android


Remind app is a great app for educators to use when communicating with groups. Teachers can send assignments or communicate with students over the app. They can also communicate with all parents on the same platform. If there are parents who do not understand the language you are communicating in, you can always translate your message over the app and send it.

Compatible with iOS and Android

Google Classroom

This is one of the educational apps that is part of G-Suite for education. Teachers can use the app to store learning materials, assignments or make announcements to students. Students can easily access these resources through Google Drive.

Compatible with iOS and Android



The app allows teachers to communicate with both students and parents in one platform. Educators can share all the classroom resources including notes, assignments, and videos hence students can continue learning wherever they are and teachers save a lot of time.

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Compatible with iOS and Android


The Additio app is a practical and efficient app for teachers. It is a grade management app as well as a digital classroom. Teachers can store notes and assignments to be used by students. They can also store student grades for past quizzes and exams and compile them later on. As an educator, you can also plan your classes ahead by using the timetable feature in the app.

Compatible with iOS and Android

Educreations (classroom apps)

Among the best classroom apps is Educreations, a whiteboard app that makes learning fun and interactive. Educators can create videos, animations, and illustrations to simplify any difficult points. Students can access this content and learn at their own pace.

Compatible with iOS

Teach Learn Lead

Teach Learn Lead is a social app where educators can meet and interact with one another. You can gain practical and beneficial tips from more experienced and professional educators and apply them when teaching your class.

Comaptible with iOS and Android


Teachers can use the Seesaw up to keep track of students’ progress. This will help them know their strengths and weaknesses thus enabling them to know which areas to focus on with individual students. The results can also be shared with parents.

Compatible with iOS and Android

Evernote (apps for teachers)

This is one of the apps for teachers that was created for task management, organizing and note-taking. As a teacher, you can use the app to write classroom notes which can be shared with students, share assignments and projects. The content remains online hence you and the students can access it at any time and on any internet-enabled device


Technology has made learning much simpler, fun and convenient. Mobile applications have been developed that help both students and teachers access a wide range of resources at any time and any place.

Mobile apps have helped teachers to create and share content such as classroom notes with students. They can also simplify the notes by using animations, illustrations or drawings. Learning is more interactive and students are able to learn at their own pace since they have the content disposed to them for use at any time.

Teachers can also keep track of students’ progress through the app thus identifying the weak points they need to focus on.


Sandra Larson is a professional writer and an organizer of education programs. She provides resources to educators that will help them make learning more effective and interactive. Sandra also loves creating engaging activities that can be used in classrooms through various mobile apps