The ideal music to play in any casino

Full of peace, harmony and tranquility. This is how the ambient casino music is presented, a delight for the ears and perfect for gambling. The glamour that surrounds most casinos around the world, is not only elaborated through the decoration or location of the establishment, even the wardrobe and personal hygiene of the attendees. Music plays a fundamental role in these places, whether they are physical or online, where choosing the right one at each moment is of vital importance.

Jazz or Lounge Music?

These are the three music suggestions that Jamendo’s team of music specialists recommend in their “ambient music for the casino” section. A real delight. The first of these takes you to the very heart of Storyville in Louisiana (New Orleans), the birthplace of jazz. A city marked for centuries by slavery and cotton plantations, this town has welcomed French, Spanish, Latin American and African people. The other face of New Orleans, also famous for this, is its multiculturalism.

Thus, the capital of Louisiana is considered the cradle of jazz and swing. It was there that Louis Armstrong was born, considered one of the best trumpet players and interpreters of this musical genre of all times.

It is convenient to place the Lounge as a music genre, a variation mainly of jazz, which has been known since the 1950s. Characterized by the presentation of sensual rhythms and devoid of an overloaded instrumentation, it is based on the abundant sounds of the Swing and Big Band of the 1950s. It is combined with worldbeat ideas, and then becomes a very pleasant and easy listening sound hybrid, making it ideal for any casino game.

Online casinos are in fashion

For a long time now, going to the casino has become a hobby like any other. But times are changing… what if that same hobby could be pursued from home? Gambling fans have discovered a new and comfortable experience with the rise of online casino sites like Casino Pilot.

Its growing popularity has made that there are, more and more, a series of websites dedicated to the analysis of the same ones to go to any of the best online casinos around the world, always in a safe way and regulated by the General Management of the Game.

Comfort and safety, vital for good play

Feeling comfortable and safe while playing is a must. One of the points that will influence a lot on the players is the harmony of the place, before and during the game. And undoubtedly, one of the fundamental points where casinos -also online- make special emphasis is the use of music, so that it is in accordance with each precise moment of the game. In casinos, there are phases of great tension, where any decision may alter the course of participation in the game.

Another aspect to bear in mind in order to enjoy a good experience in the game is the lighting. A constant lighting, with well oriented and graduated lights, will allow you to get into the game and strengthen the necessary impetus during the game, something that in the long run is transcendent.

Curiosity: the Montreux Casino that inspired Deep Purple

Diving into the history of the legendary English rock band, you can see how on December 3, 1971 they arrived in Montreux, Switzerland, to begin recording sessions for their next album, which would take place in a casino in that city. However, the next day while they were presenting Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention, a person launched a flare generating a fire that completely destroyed the casino.

This unfortunate incident forced Deep Purple to rent an empty hotel on a seasonal basis to begin recording sessions for their new album. They used The Rolling Stones’ mobile recording studio for this task. However, during the recording process and while remembering how the casino was burned, they created one of their most famous and recognized songs: “Smoke on The Water”.