Bingo: History behind the Game

Bingo is an old game that takes its roots from the Italian game of lots people played back in the 1530s. Later on, the competition known as Le Lotto has been introduced to French nobility, and since that time, Le Lotto has become increasingly popular across Europe. Over the centuries, people of different backgrounds would gather for the public competitions during which one dealer would pull a lot with a number and call it out, the players who manage to cross out all of the numbers on their cards would win money or valuable items.

Bingo’s Ancestors

The earliest versions of Bingo were Lo Giuoco del Lotto in Italy and Le Lotto in France. The rules of the lot were similar to what classic lot play is today. In Germany, it would also be used as an educational tool for kids who would play it and learn new words and numbers. In the US, it has become known as Beano back in the 1920s, and later it has become known as Bingo because some people would yell the word in such a way. That was a fair go for the game as we know it today, and since these times, there also emerged several variations of it.

Varieties of Bingo

Church Bingo

This one is similar to the standard variation but it has earned its name because this kind of Beano has been hosted by the Church as a tool for fundraising. Gambling was banned in most states back then, but churches and non-profit organizations could host it to raise funds, and that is exactly why it was mostly played in churches back in the late 1930s.

Casino Bingo

As the gambling businesses were becoming more popular, and most importantly, legal across the country, it found its way to the casinos in Las Vegas. It has become one of the most popular entertainments out there, and now you can even play it in almost any $1 deposit casino too. The majority of the gambling houses host regular tournaments, so anyone can join in.

Retirement and Nursing Homes

The residents of retirement and nursing homes love this competition and play it regularly. The most obvious reason as to why it is so popular among elderly people is that it promotes healthy social relations between people. Though there are only a few winners in this game, it is not as competitive as other similar events, so elderly people can play it and enjoy social interactions with their partners.


As you can see, it is an old but extremely popular competition which has a long history that spans across centuries and nations. Nowadays, it seems that the US is the country where it remains the most popular, though you can see people playing it in many countries around the world. The benefit of the rules is that it is simple luck-based fun that does not require the players to think about some elaborate strategy or whatnot – you just sit and hope for the right numbers to come by. Just don’t forget to yell Bingo!

Frankie Wilde is a content writer at various gambling sites. Also, he is a passionate traveller and a great cook. Frankie shares informative articles with the world.