Highly Acclaimed Actor and Recording Artist, Alicia Witt, Pens Exclusive Book Deal with Harper Horizon

Harper Horizon has acquired the rights to esteemed actor and recording artist Alicia Witt’s Small Changes, an inspiring, welcoming, and simple yet effective guide to health, happiness, and sustainable living. Instead of promoting a rigid diet, Small Changes will instead offer readers a stress-and-judgment-free approach for enacting easy, incremental changes across all areas of life. Witt hopes to reach those readers who may seek to improve their physical health by spending a few extra minutes per day exercising, or those who wish to start incorporating more plant-based foods into their life, starting with just one or two simple substitutions. Those small changes, Witt will assure readers, can lead to big, positive transformations in a person’s life. Small Changes will stress the importance of being kind to yourself, rejecting hardline approaches to health and wellness, and pursuing the intentional shifts that make you feel your most authentic self. Witt’s prescriptive guidance will be complemented by insightful and entertaining stories from her unique career and on-the-go lifestyle, including the moving story of how she overcame her unhealthy relationship with food, learned to love herself, and developed wholesome, rejuvenating habits that help her take on anything life throws her way.

Most recently seen as Zelda in the final season of the Netflix mega-hit Orange is the New Black, Witt has appeared in countless television programs and feature films over a 35-year career and has released four albums as a singer-songwriter. In 2019, she starred in her eighth consecutive Countdown to Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel. Witt has provided original music for several of the movies; she is producing, starring, and singing in the next film, for which she also wrote the story, to be released Christmas 2020.