The Most Iconic Hairstyles Ever Worn By Musicians

We all know that making catchy and interesting songs is only one half of being a musician… the other half is all about the look. Like it or not, musicians are scrutinized not just for their new singles, but also their new hairstyles. Over the years there has been some hits and misses, but amidst all those, there have also been some truly iconic hairstyles that have made their mark on the music world and in everyday life.

These are some of the most iconic hairstyles that caused millions across the planet to rush to their nearest hairdresser in order to get the same look.

Elvis Presley’s pompadour

Before tattoos, piercings, black t-shirts and long hair entered the fray, rock ‘n’ roll was all about having a nice, clean shaven face and an epic pompadour haircut. Elvis was The King of many things, but his hairstyle – neat back and sides and a big quiff at the front – was and still is a classy men’s hairstyle for men and doesn’t take too much maintenance with the right tips and tricks. Following in Elvis’s footsteps, Johnny Cash, Alex Turner, and even Bruno Mars have all looked awesome with the pompadour.

Diana Ross’ beehive

A queen of the stage, Diana Ross always looked and sounded the part, but it’s not just her beautiful voice that will go down in history. The beehive took a lot of effort and time to get right, not to mention quite a bit of hairspray and wax, but why not go for something big and bold if you want to stand out? Some artists took it as a bit of a personal challenge to go for the largest beehive hairstyle and outclass everyone else, but Ross’ hairstyle is still the chicest of them all.

The Beatles’ mop top

Although it seems unusual now, the mop top was considered incredibly edgy and rebellious back when it took to prominence in the early 60s. Many bands will likely state that they were the first to rock the mop top, but let’s be honest, The Beatles owned the image through and through at the start of their music career. The mop top is still fairly prevalent these days, although it is probably starting to die out somewhat. The emo phase gave it a bit of a resurgence, not to mention Bieber’s early days, but if you like longer, messy hair and that sweeping look, then you really can’t go wrong with a mop top.

Robert Smith’s backcombed hair

Big hair, no care. Vocalist for The Cure, Robert Smith’s iconic singing style is equally matched by his impressive hairstyle. Backcombed hair is all about giving long hair a lot of volume with a hairbrush and making it stick with hairspray, blow-dryers and several other styling products if you’ve got the time! The 80s was the perfect era for backcombed hair, but it wasn’t just Smith who loved the big, wild hairstyle of the decade, but also Alice Cooper, Mötley Crüe, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, Madonna, Jon Bon Jovi, and countless more. Often matched with hairbands, tight leather pants, metal studs, denim, and even a fair bit of makeup, backcombed hair takes time but is worth it for the stage performance and promo pictures. Remember these golden rules if you want to bring back the look yourself.