Why are Total Gym Models the Best?

Total Gym models have been around for a while and are touted by some of the most popular fitness enthusiasts in the field. There are a few qualities that tend to stand out with these machines. Here is a look at what makes this the best workout equipment for your short and long-term requirements.

Refined Build

Finding a high-quality machine always comes down to build quality. If worse comes to worst, you’ll purchase a cheap machine with a bad warranty that ultimately won’t be of use for very long. If you are passionate about getting a good machine, then it is best to start here. The Total Gym products all have the same model base: a strong glide board that allows you to use your body-weight along with gravity to increase or decrease the intensity of your exercise. The way this works is by lowering or increasing the degree at which your glide board is at. The higher the incline, the harder it is, the lower you incline, the easier it is. This feature alone makes the Total Gym products a great option for older folks or those with chronic pain or recurring injuries. Using gravity and body weight keeps the exercises easy on the joints.


Safety is one detail everything hinges on when it comes to equipment. You are not going to want equipment that will break down as soon as you start using it. This can be frustrating and is the last thing a person is going to hope for when it comes to seeing good results.

Total Gym is a renowned equipment provider because it is committed to safety and offers top of the line warranty for all of their machines. This is a good indication that they believe in the safety of their products and will back them for years.

Their quality is easy to distinguish from others and is something you can be sure won’t let you down for years down the line.


Total Gym is all about setting high standards, and that includes affordability. If you are someone that wants to find a good deal and wants to add value to their home gym, then this is a good starting point. Total Gym offers numerous different models, each at a different price. Regardless of what you are looking for in a machine, whether it’s 60 possible exercises or over 200, you will be able to find this through Total Gym at a comparable price to other machines on the market. Not to mention the additional accessories they offer with all of their machines, making the price that much more modest.

Regardless of what machine you buy and at what price, the quality and performance are going to matter when everything is said and done. If you plan to use your trainer multiple times a week, this is the company to start looking at first. They are going to shine through in regards to not only affordability but also quality and performance too, which you will surely notice once you put it to use!

Compact Designs

It’s essential to go with equipment that isn’t going to take up too much space; this can be frustrating and is the last thing a home gym owner is going to want when they are settling into their home gym for the first time! The reason this ends up being a favorite equipment brand has to do with the compact designs. Each piece of equipment is made with the client’s needs in mind and that includes how much space is going to be used up as soon as the machine is set up; all of Total Gym’s current machines on the market are storable and foldable, giving more space than you might expect. Many users note that once they are done using their machine, they fold it up and stick it in a closet where it won’t be seen.

Total Gym models continue to set the tone when it comes to delivering high-value machines that are going to be a joy to use throughout the year. These machines work well in a wide array of settings and will continue to add value to your routines throughout the year. When it comes to performance, quality, and durability, you are not going to find anything better than this.

These are models that are going to become a beautiful part of your life and will perform the way you want them to.

All in all, Total Gym offers quality machines at a modest price with a high-quality design that can be comfortably used by people of all ages. Regardless of your current injuries, weak joints, or lagging chronic pain, you can safely use these trainers without the fear of hurting yourself even more. As touted by physical rehabilitation clinics throughout the nation, we trust Total Gym to deliver the best products which they continue to do!