Liam Gallagher (Oasis) & his love for eyeglasses

There’s no better way to express what you feel through music and through what you wear. Musicians, out of all, have mastered this skill and some are even known for their flamboyant fashion sense.

Legends like Elton John, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Prince and many more love to express their beauty and rhythm through their custom-designed accessories.  Glasses are also one such statement that various musicians like to add to accentuate their look. John Lennon and his round glasses were one of the iconic looks that still gets copied by a lot of people.

One such musician who’s also known for his love for glasses, especially round ones, is Liam Gallagher from the band Oasis. In men’s glasses, the most popular ones were the regular oversized Aviators. Fortunately for Liam, the ’90s and even the current generation got a fresh style to play and adore.

The band was a household name in the 2000s where everything perfectly clicked from Liams Gallagher glasses to the white bucket hat of Noel, Liam’s younger brother. The band got popular for its signature elevation mass of sound, louder yet blissful melodies, ultimately overwhelming you with strong emotion.

Apart from the band’s growing popularity, the significant thing that marked the coolness of the member’s personality was the iconic choices of glasses Liam Gallagher put out on display at every appearance. Let’s take look at his John Lennon inspired glasses collection with his spin on it:

Round frames were undoubtedly Liam Gallapherer prime selection. He’s street fashion outfits and round shades worked for hand in hand in giving off a rebel with no cause look. The round frames were quite popular in the ’90s along with the oversized aviator’s frames.

For the male’s version of cat-eye, the 90’s introduced arced square frames which turned out to be quite popular than the fame of Liam’s Gallagher iconic live shows. Based out of Manchester, the band was known for their electrifying live performance. For instance, their 2005 appearance in Manchester itself created their legacy. After their musical performance, the band turned into a fashion mogul for being elite but mostly relatable through music and self-expression.

When we said, Oasis went with big, it didn’t restrict to their musical limits but also with their glasses. With their dark, an edgy, confrontational and gloomy musical track, the band created an aesthetic of the 90’s era to resonate better with the audience. Declaring the band’s motive and executing it beautifully was a complex part but Oasis was challenging each genre within every one of their albums. In their “Definitely Maybe” Oasis talent in creating a track-list that went with audience expectation of the music portrayed at its finest. Their other albums like “Live Forever”, “Supersonic” and “Cigarettes & Alcohol ” expressed their galvanic, rousing nature in continuity, which was rarely put-out by other artists popular at that time.

There’s no life without colour and coming from Liam Gallapheres, there are not enough tints to experiment with your look. Liam’s every lookbook is filled with candy-tinted shades which are getting prevalent among supermodels now. There’s nothing new under the sun anymore. Apart from playing with different tints, Liam was the greatest tambourine player. Unlike the rest of the members in the band who would whack the tambourine out of boredom, Liam went on to make the instrument his unique style statement.

There are only a few instruments that turned popular over the years in rock, apart from the usual ones like guitar and drum and infrequently the bass by the Red hot Chili Peppers Flea. Liam however, usually being the frontman of the group utilized the tambourine like an orchestra and went on to create a significant effect in his music.

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