5 Quiz Plugins for WordPress

Are you looking for the best Quiz Plugins for your WordPress website? You have landed on the right platform to know the same.

Quizzes are the best way to generate leads and traffic to your website. The impressive and short quizzes are a great option to make your visitors stay longer on your website and engage with it. Also, people share them easily than simple articles.

Creating a whole quiz and then publishing the same may consume much time. WordPress Quiz Plugins are there to help you in this part. There are hand-picked the 5 best Quiz Plugins for WordPress that will help you engage with the user, boost social shares, and keep visitors engaged longer on your site.

  1. WP Quiz

If you are looking for one of the best and easiest quiz plugin to use in your WordPress website, then WP Quiz is made just for you. This plugin comes with three quiz types that one can use according to their requirements. These are trivia, personality, and flip cards. WP Quiz allows

you to create quiz easily and rapidly that offer professional, dynamic, and engaging results.. WP Quiz offers you an option to add images to your questions and answers that make your website look appealing so that visitors stay longer on your web page.

If you are focusing on creating viral content so that people share it with others on a large scale, then don’t delay downloading the WP Quiz plugin. After downloading WP Quiz, you can create as many quizzes as you want and let your visitors participate in it. This fantastic plugin is launched and supported by MyThemeShop. You can check out their other WordPress plugins and free themes. If you want to impress your visitors, keep them engaged, and get lots of shares, download WP Quiz and see the magic. It’s easy and FREE to download.

  1. Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master Plugin offers pretty impressive features to design your quizzes and surveys. It can help in creating quizzes as well as conducting surveys. You can change the entire text of the Quiz and build a new Quiz as per your requirement. Choose from multiple question styles with options for items like radio buttons, dropdowns, True and false options, fill in the blanks, and checkboxes. Once the Quiz is over, an email is sent to both you and the quiz taker. One can also add a timer to complete the Quiz rapidly.

Other features of quiz and Survey Master includes easy sharing on multiple social media platform requesting other users to log in and take the quiz, scheduling the display of the quiz, and others. Users who will take the quiz can check out the time left to complete the same. If you want to add hind for any question, Quiz and Survey Master allows you this option also. You can also explain the answers and collect feedback in the comment section. However, if you see its downside, then it is a pretty expensive plugin, and it might sometimes conflict with your theme in WordPress.

  1. Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat is another great quiz plugin for WordPress. You can download it to get more leads, user engagement, and social shares. In short, it is one of the most used quiz plugins for WordPress that give you the desired results. Through Quiz Cat, one can create uncountable quizzes with an end number of questions and two to four options for the answers. If you are looking for an appealing quiz plugin without any fuss, Quiz Cat is the solution for you. It also has a premium version that offers you advanced features for a better user experience.

You can randomly shuffle the quiz and its answers for a new look and add a custom message on the completion of the Quiz. It provides you an option to add images, design the format, and publish it on your website wherever you want, with the help of a simple shortcode. Quiz Cat is exclusively focused on MCQs in which you can add up to four options for the answer. Quiz Cat can be translated easily, but its actual plugin is available in the English language only. Also, it is not beginner-friendly as adjusting the quiz language required you to use a filter. The best thing is to go for WP Quiz that is free and easy to download with numerous features to increase user engagement.

  1. HD Quiz

If you are a beginner with WordPress themes and plugins, then HD Quiz is the perfect solution for you. It is the quickest and simplest WordPress Quiz plugins that you can download for Quiz creation on your website. Every tool in HD Quiz, including features, is simple and straightforward to use. Its user-friendly and responsive design allows you to create unlimited quizzes with numerous questions and answers as you need. If you want to take the quiz attractive, use GIF images in questions and answers, and make it look interactive and fun.

HD Quiz enables also allows you to modify the question, add animations, timer, and set the desired image for an answer. It also contains a feature to add a hint for the answer and a social sharing function through which you can invite folks to take a quiz on your website.

  1. Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker provides you an option to add a Quiz Plugin in your WordPress in a short time. Once you like this plugin, later you can upgrade it as per your need. Before that, use it for a long time to finalize your decision. It has some basic features, but you can still attract your visitors to take the quiz and stay longer on your website. It also has the same features as adding unlimited quizzes with an end number of questions. Apart from this, it provides you an option to change the look and feel of the quiz by changing length, width, height, color, image, and more. Make sure to preview it first before publishing it on your website. All the best!

Wrapping Up!

Quizzes are the best and fun way to collect leads. They entertain your visitors and bring more engagement. The above-mentioned WordPress Plugins can surely help you bring more visitors to your website. After reviewing each of these plugins, it is believed that WP Quiz is the best quiz plugin for WordPress as it is free and easy to download with numerous features.

If you want to know more about WordPress Themes and Plugins, click here. Kindly provide your feedback in the given comment section.