Basic Steps To Become A Successful Rapper

Guest Post

To be very honest, the music business cannot give you any guarantees. This is because there are too many elements that determine how successful you will ultimately be. Some of these elements you can control, and some are not. So, the best thing you can do for your career is to put effort into the elements you can control. Which is what this article is all about. While the following suggestions cannot guarantee that you will turn into a successful rapper, they do cover steps that are considered effective.

1. Master Your Art As A Rapper

Before you can begin your journey as a rapper, you have to be honest with yourself in terms of talent. Because you might feel you have what it takes but do others agree? Accepting what you are capable of is half the battle. And this does not mean you should compare yourself to other rappers. If you can bring something unique and different to the world of rapping, you have a much better chance of turning into a success.

After being honest with yourself, it is critical to master your rapping talent. Practice your style and do your best to be creative in terms of writing lyrics. Come up with a rap name, which is cool and catchy. Search for an online rap name generator where you can generate your unique rap name. You also want your punchlines to linger in the mind of the listener. But this cannot happen if you don’t actively try to better yourself with every song you write.

2. Participate In Live Gigs

Musicians and singers are usually judged by their live performances. If they are unable to draw and keep the audience’s attention, it means you have another area you need to work on. Having a stage presence needs to be part of the package you provide. And while you might not have it right now, it can always be developed.

How exactly do you develop a more enticing stage presence? By putting yourself out there as much as possible. When the opportunity to perform presents itself, take it. Get used to the crowd and build confidence with every show if you are serious about being a successful rapper.

3. Lay Down Some Professional Tracks

There is no doubt that independent artists are getting a lot more traction these days. However, they are not exempt from recording bad-quality tracks. While your recordings’ quality is not a dictating factor on your road to success, it helps to sound professional from the start.

If it is possible, get professional help when you record your demo tracks. Otherwise, potential fans are not going to take you seriously.

4. Build An Online Following

The internet is a powerful tool for all types of entrepreneurs and artists. More specifically, it allows you to cross borders and oceans without leaving your home. For example, you can use social media platforms to spread the word. Yes, this can take some time. But once you have a small following, it is much easier to grow that number. And the more followers you can get online, the better the odds of you turning into a successful rapper.

5. Consider Current Trends And Markets

Whether you want to believe it or not, there is a business side to music. If you do not bring in money, you cannot continue with your career as a rapper. And one reality you have to face when working in entertainment is that trends matter. If you are not able to set them, you have to be able to follow them. Hence the reason for building a strong following. They can help you create a new trend if your style is truly unique and sets you apart. Alternatively, you might have to compromise to get your foot in the door of success.

6. Start Selling Independently

There used to be a time when rappers focused heavily on signing with big record labels. But even the most successful rappers will tell you how many complications are involved. Not only do you have to be creative within the framework the label gives you, but you run the risk of getting cut loose if your albums don’t sell quickly enough.

This is why many rappers and other musicians choose to do things without the help of influential labels. As mentioned earlier, the internet provides many opportunities for you to sell your music. And with more and more people shopping for music online, you have a much better chance now than ten years ago to support your rap career.

7. Be Confident In Your Ability

Finally, you have to be confident when you decide to rap for a living. Because if you don’t have enough confidence, people are going to sense it. When you take a look at some of the biggest rappers in the business, it is clear they never lack confidence in their ability to rap. Can you say the same?