PUBG Mobile Update: Top 5 Features of Winter Season 2020

Winter Season is on the way to its release, and players are expecting lots of freebies and many new items. Apart from the Winter Season, Probably you’re familiar of all PUBG Mobile Seasons and Special Events. Without a doubt, PUBG Mobile lives within the heart of hardcore gamers who love playing Battle Royale games. Following the footsteps of the original release, PUBG Mobile brings up to 100 players on a tropical island via an airplane. Players are supposed to select the place for their landing where they can efficiently scavenge weapons, items, and gears before anyone to kill others. Upon landing, the player must find items and weapons, instead of start confronting other players.

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Christmas in on the way

Moreover, PUBG Mobile is considering the 2nd most downloaded Battle Royale game on Google Play. It has all three game modes such as Solo, Duo, and Squad. Whether you love to play alone or with other three teammates, the game has covered all features beautifully for you. Everyone knows Christmas is coming; therefore, the majority of the massive organization has started to plan something special. Therefore, Tencent Games is planning to introduce Winter Season to celebrate Christmas. We have compiled a list of Top 5 Features expected to release with Winter Season for a limited time, for those players who want to know what they will experience after the release.

  1. New Drop Skins and Christmas Trees

The developer has introduced a new shining skin for the airdrop according to the upcoming event, Christmas. The airdrop will come with beautiful lights around it and will be seen from the far. You would be happy to know that the range of sparkle gun has been increased, and it will emit more light than your expectation. Upon exploring the land, you will discover different Christmas trees all over the land.

  1. Snowboarding

The 2nd best feature the developer has added to the Winter Season is snowboarding. Now, you can move on the snow easier than ever by merely riding on the snowboard. If you started to play PUBG Mobile from last year, then indeed you had experienced the same thing in last year Winter Season. Snowboard won’t work in the areas and will disappear automatically. During the game, players can earn chicken medals by merely riding on the snowboard and earn rewards accordingly.

  1. Unusual and Unique Throw-able Items

PUBG Mobile has introduced two new items in Winter Season like miniature Snowman and Frozen Eggs. Players can use these unique items to battle against each other and can build a concrete statue to defend themselves from enemy attacks.

  1. Erangel-Frost Festival Mode

PUBG Mobile will unlock a new mode under the Erangel Map for a limited time. The newly introduced mode will bring snowy weather and a massive castle with some decorations in it. You may discover the floating snow across the lam, and the sparkling castle may spawn on any of the three different locations.

  1. Christmas Theme Lobby

Eventually, the game has decorated the lobby using the Christmas-themed decorations. After the release of Winter Season, the lobby will be filled with Christmas items and decorations to share the delightful movements of the Christmas event.