Celebrities that Love Playing Bingo

Elderlies and online players don’t only love bingo, but many celebrities love playing bingo as much as you do. The game is so fun that these famous people play the game for fun and exciting gameplay rather than the money – discover bingo today.

Some of these celebrities also hold bingo parties with their friends. If you’re discouraged from playing bingo because you think it’s not exciting, seeing these celebrities who enjoy the game might change your mind.

·         Cristiano Ronaldo

The former Real Madrid striker and current Juventus forward, Cristiano Ronaldo, is one of the most popular and skilled football players in the world. Football fans might be surprised to know that their favourite player is also a keen bingo enthusiast.

The Portugal football player learned English through bingo games and enjoys playing it now. After he got a bingo DVD which was gifted to him, to help him improve his English speaking skills, he fell in love with the game and continues to play it regularly today, He once spoke openly on how exciting bingo is for him.

·         Kate Moss

Another celebrity who you will be surprised to learn that they enjoy bingo is Kate Moss. The supermodel and businesswoman has been a fan of the popular bingo since she was young. After divorcing Jamie Hince, her lifestyle took a different turn, and she now spends a lot of her time playing bingo games with Sadie Frost, her friend.

While she balances parenthood with her career and business, she sets Saturday nights aside for family bingo games, which is one of the reasons why her fans love her.

·         Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is another celebrity who openly loves bingo and uses it for the betterment of society. The actor has made his love for bingo very clear, and participates in different bingo events, both in the UK and Hollywood. Most of the time, these events are used to raise money for charity.

He also hosts bingo events and parties in his homes to raise money for different charitable purposes.

·         Catherine Zeta-Jones

This is one celebrity that makes her love for bingo very clear to the entire world. The Welsh actress began to love bingo since she was very young and even now that she’s older, she still loves bingo the same, maybe even more. She hosts bingo parties and events in her house regularly. She also updates her custom-made bingo cards every Christmas.

Since her father won £100,000 when playing bingo one night, her parents were able to enrol her in dance classes. This is probably one of the reasons why she loves this game.

·         Russell Crowe

The final celebrity on our list is the Oscar-winning actor, Russell Crowe. An interesting fact is that before he became a popular Hollywood actor, he was a number caller for bingo halls in Australia. He later got fired when he renamed the traditional bingo terms.

He has talked about his love for bingo many times in interviews. There have even been sightings of him visiting bingo halls with his ex-wife.

There you have it! Celebrities that love bingo even more than you might love the game!