Where Canadians Can Get Cheaper Ink for Their Printer

If you invest in HP printers then you will know that while they provide a premium print quality, their ink cartridges cost a fortune! Rather than continuing to spend more than you are happy to pay, why not try out some of our money saving tips? Here’s where to look and where to avoid so that you can start enjoying cheaper ink prices for as long as you own a HP printer!

Avoid – Your Local Store

The first place you need to stop buying ink from is your local store. Not only do they sell ink at manufacturer prices but they also add on their own premium because you are a captive audience. Many of us get sucked into buying from our local stores because we convince ourselves that it is easier and cost-effective. It isn’t! Start avoiding this today and try an office supplier store instead so that you can see immediately how much you have been spending when you really didn’t need to.

Avoid – Buying From the Manufacturer

The next place you need to avoid is buying direct from HP themselves. Printer companies like HP use their ink sales to offset their advertising costs as well as their printer costs and staff wages. When you choose to purchase your ink from them you are going to be spending far more than the ink is actually worth. Plus, they never fill their ink cartridges fully, so they make even more money from you than you could even imagine – it is a con that you need to swerve today!

Try – Shopping for Offers

If you need ink today and want to save money then take a moment to search around for offers first. The internet is a great starting place and will provide you with information on the local stores that are offering your cartridges at a discount price so that you can make small savings pretty quickly as well as saving a lot of time that you would have spent driving around to find the best price.

Try – Ink Replacement Cartridges

Possibly the best place to get the cheapest ink is from an online ink specialist service like Smart Ink. These companies produce the highest quality ink for low prices because they have lower overheads and marketing budgets. Replacement ink services can save you up to 75% of what you normally pay and they deliver direct to your door so that you do not have to even leave the house and waste your time shopping for ink when you have better things to do. Try this today and be amazed at the savings you can enjoy.

Start Today

There is now some clear direction on where to shop and where to avoid when you want to save some cash. Ink does not need to be ridiculously expensive, especially when there are many great options from specialist services. Make the change today and start enjoying your spare cash!