GoGoPDF: Features You Will Surely Like

There are so many tools found on the internet that can ease the lives of us humans. These tools make it easy for us to edit, handle, and manage our PDF files. But how will you know if these tools are safe to use? Will your files be safe and secure? Are these tools for free? These are just some of the questions you ask yourself whenever you encounter tools found on the internet.

Luckily for you, we know of a certain platform that offers so many tools and file formats you can convert to and from. The tool we are referring to is GoGoPDF. It simply has some of the best features, making it much more superior than any tools you will ever find on the internet. It combines two aspects that any user or customer would want from a tool: usability and security.

What is GoGoPDF?

GoGoPDF is a free tool that enables you to quickly and effortlessly manage, convert, and edit your PDF files whenever and wherever you are, given that you are connected to the internet. It has all the file formats you frequently require, including PDF, PPT, PNG, HTML, JPG, Word, and Excel. 

GoGoPDF isn’t just a regular platform where you can simply convert your files. But it also offers a variety of tools you can choose from, such as add watermark to PDF, splitting, merging, editing, protecting, repairing, compressing, and many more. It has 20 tools ready for your disposal, and you can use it for free, without any hidden charges. 

Speedy Process

The platform only has four steps for you to follow for every conversion, and it would only take you a maximum of two minutes to complete all the steps. To make things easier and faster for all of its users, they have included each tool’s four-step instruction process. With this fact, every user, both new and old, won’t have any difficulty using the tools they need to complete their task.

Direct Usage

GoGoPDF is only accessible directly through your web browser, making it easier for any user to access their services. You don’t have to worry whether your device isn’t compatible since it works on all major web browsers, operating systems, or devices. It doesn’t matter if you are using an Android smartphone, tablet, laptop, iPhone, PCs with Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems. 

Since it can be accessed through web browsers, you don’t have to employ any third-party program, install or download any apps or software on your devices. Knowing this fact, you are already assured that your device is safe from any unwanted infection from malware or viruses that normally is associated with app or software installation.

Files are Safe

GoGoPDF’s security measures are considered one of the best since they have installed a Secured Socket Layer that guarantees your files are encrypted and secured whenever you transmit them over the internet. There’s no need for you to worry whether your files will fall into the wrong hands or the content will be compromised by someone else. 

As per the platform’s company policy, they cannot store anything you have input into their system, including credit card information, security codes, passwords, and even your files. Your files are automatically removed from their system after sixty minutes of uploading.

Customer Service

A customer service team in an online PDF converter is a rare thing to find. Fortunately for us, GoGoPDF has a highly responsive customer service team that will happily help us with all the problems or mishaps that we encounter in their platform. Whenever you are having trouble navigating, having problems with the tools will help you quickly complete your tasks.

The platform is highly motivated and dedicated to improving their services to serve everyone using their tools for a much better experience that is worth their time. To make this happen, GoGoPDF welcomes any comment or feedback you have regarding the services they offer.


We might have mentioned above that this platform is free to use. Technically speaking, it is free, but that doesn’t immediately mean that they don’t offer a way to give you a much better experience on the platform. Opting to subscribe for a Pro version will give you so many benefits and bonuses, including unlimited storage and the ability to process and convert as many files as you need for the day. 

Additionally, with the Pro version, you can now get rid of all those annoying unskippable videos and pop-up ads. This is a great investment for anyone who is always in a rush or just has the luxury to pay for it.


With all the features we stated above, we don’t think there are any more reasons for you not to try out GoGoPDF. It simply is the best online PDF converter you will ever find on the internet, and it checks out everything on your standards, including conversion quality and the quickness of the conversion.