This Is A MUST For Musicians: EAROS ONE High Fidelity Acoustic Filters

Developed with the former Director of MIT’s Acoustics & Vibratory Lab, EAROS are designed to reproduce the sound curve of your natural ear — delivering the unique combination of sound clarity and hearing protection. EAROS are designed to fit and feel differently forming a deep seal within the ear, thus avoiding the loss of fidelity found with typical earplugs. Two sizes of tips included. Their proprietary, patented soundbore replicates how the inner ear resonates while providing 17-25 db of noise reduction and preserving full musical fidelity. Its sleek, ergonomic design offers a low profile and comfortable fit.

Look, 1.1 billion young people are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss, according to the WHO. Not the band with Pete and Roger, but The World Health Organization, so you know it’s worthy. They’re on a mission to protect the world’s ears from hearing damage without ever sacrificing sound quality.

AND they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked, and selected durable, reusable materials to avoid waste and promote sustainability.

Get them hear…err…here.