Muleba, Tanzania’s Genre-Busting ALEX KAJUMULO Charity Single: “All Lives Matter: One Love is the Law (Revolution)”

This past month, Tanzanian genre-busting musician Alex Kajumulo released a single for charity called “All Lives Matter: One Love is the Law (Revolution).” The song has an infectious beat that immediately brings you into the heart of the music as it shares Kajumulo’s powerful message.

“We may be different colours, but we are all the same people,” he says of his concept for the song, inspired from the challenges he sees people having around the world, and the struggles he has seen his children experience. “The key thing is love, respect, and understanding. We are from one foundation. We have one common interest, to live and to die. Nature controls all of us the same way. It doesn’t care about colour.”

Also performing on the song are vocalists Fela Yepassis-Zembrou and Paris Randall. Leif Totusek provided all bass and guitar tracks. David Baca served as the drummer, and Anil Prasad played the tabla—the infamous 18th-century percussion instrument. It was recorded and mixed by Matt Loewen and mastered by Kevin Younkins.

Though the Muleba-based musician has been performing the song worldwide for well over a decade, it wasn’t until last month that he officially released it. The song is available for purchase on its Bandcamp page. Alternatively, Alex’s fans can donate to receive a digital download of the upbeat and inspirational track.

Alex’s music possesses a spirit of unity and peace with contagious hooks that will stick in your heart and soul. Alex’s music’s message is that we are all together, one love, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, race, and sexual orientation.

The veteran singer and activist lives by his motto: “Do something to make a change, don’t do something to be a hero.” Alex’s music is regularly released and sold for charity relief to serve the people in his home country. One hundred percent of the time, 100% of the musician’s proceeds go towards sports programs, scholarships for underprivileged children, and causes to increase all people’s rights and freedoms.

Before COVID-19 swept the world off its feet, Alex toured extensively between Washington, Vancouver, and Africa. Broadly talented, Alex not only does vocals but also produces, mixes, and writes music. He won the International Songwriting Competition 10 times. In 2020, he won Best African Band of the year. Notably, Alex produced “Cool James” Dandu’s acclaimed album, “CI Massive: African Most Wanted”—a big hit across Eastern Africa.

In addition to “All Lives Matter: One Love is the Law (Revolution),” the rest of Alex Kajumulo’s extensive and inspirational back-catalogue is now available via the Kaju Media page on Bandcamp.