Behind Spotify’s Latest Features

Spotify has recently been seen to have made a substantial effort to make changes and improvements to their software, which is a welcomed addition.

However, there is a wide range of features that users may not even be aware of, which is exactly what we are going to be discussing in this article.

In this article, we will be taking a look at just a few of the new features Spotify has released as well as the motivations behind their recent innovations.

Enjoy Live Music Through Greenroom

Perhaps the feature that has received the most praise and excitement from the users of Spotify, is the Greenroom.


The Greenroom is going to be a new feature that is set to be Implemented on Spotify that will allow people to perform live shows and allow users of Spotify to listen in.

Sure, some of the other recent updates Spotify has announced can certainly be considered more practical or functional than the Greenroom, but the Greenroom has got both Spotify users and artists alike excited.

This is an amazing innovation because it is going to be of enormous benefit to up-and-coming artists, allowing them to build their following and audience through live shows as well as the usual pre-recorded songs. In turn, this is going to be a drastic positive change for new artists, as it will allow them to build a more personal connection with their audience.

Of course, it’s not only artists that are going to benefit from the implementation of the Greenroom. For those people who love the realism of live music, they will now be able to get the same experience as they would have from other sites like twitch, but for a much more specialized audience.

A similar event occurred in other corners on the internet such as when sites like GGPoker Canada started offering live poker games on their sites, bringing in vast numbers of people who now had an alternative to travelling to a casino.

This means people who would have previously watched live music on sites like YouTube or twitch will more than likely switch to Spotify to get their live music fix, increasing business for Spotify ten-fold.

Focused Mode for Those Dialled in Sessions

A much more practical addition that Spotify is set on adding, is the implementation of a “focused mode” which allows other distractions to be limited while listening on Spotify for those who need to stay in the zone.

As things stand now, we are still now sure how people will be able to access new Spotify features such as focus mode, but for practical features like focused mode, it’s safe to assume there will be a quick access button, able to be clicked at a moment’s notice.

This was a very smart innovation from Spotify, and it is something that next to none of their competitors offer. Being able to listen to music requires one to have the sound on, on whichever device they may be using, so, of course, that means that notifications will also be heard as well.

However, with this new change, users will be able to listen to music while not receiving any notifications or distractions.