Spotify & Shopify join forces to launch the digital “merch tables” of your dreams

Today Shopify announced a global partnership with Spotify that will empower artists to share their brands with fans and listeners on the platform.

With Shopify’s Spotify channel, artists can connect their Spotify for Artists account with their Shopify online store, allowing them to sync their product catalogue and display featured products directly on their Spotify profiles. Fans and listeners can then browse these products directly on the artist’s Spotify profile and make a purchase.

Shopify is giving artists and merchants the ability to monetize across every surface where commerce is possible—like TikTok, Instagram, and now Spotify—all from a single platform. Giving artists around the globe the ability to expand their commerce footprint beyond just merch table T’s.

One of the artists jumping at this chance to expand her eclectic, whimsical line on the heels of her 10/15 album drop is colorful funk-pop artist Remi Wolf — dubbed by The New York Times as “a star-in-waiting.”

For more information on the partnership, view Shopify’s newspost.