JUUCY Model X 1600 Puffs – A Game Changer Among Disposables

Giving a certain disposable vape device the title ‘game changer’ may sound pretentious, especially if we consider how the market is overflown with top-quality disposable vaporizers nowadays. Still, there are valid reasons that justify the given attribute, and this is exactly what will be covered in the following text.

JUUCY is a vaping manufacturer based in Miami, Florida, and they already did an excellent job with their Model S series that provides 1200 exciting puffs but decided to raise the bar with the latest Model X which offers 1600 puffs.

What brought JUUCY global recognition is the fact that they develop and manufacture each disposable vape’s component, so the final result is adapted to the area where the device is launched. This means that the nicotine strength in their original e-liquids or the flavor itself varies from continent to continent. This was, without a doubt, a wise move for the JUUCY.

So, let’s get back to the topic of the day, JUUCY’s newest Model X that truly deserves all the massive attention that it gets

JUUCY Model X Is All About Retro Design and Advanced Technology

As disposables are supposed to be as compact and portable as possible, it is expected that their dimensions will be modest. JUUCY managed to create a vaporizer that comes with all the aforementioned traits but with a single key difference that makes the grip quite convenient and more secure.

Small enough to fit the palm, but thicker and gently curved on the edges are those characteristics that make Model X feel so good when in hand. This robust appearance yet simple design is what gives it that ‘retro’ looks alongside the vivid colored device’s body and its matte finish.

JUUCY is fully responsible for the rare defect rate that comes with their products as they produce both its external and internal parts. The coils have great resistance and a wattage range, while the 950mAh battery perfectly supports the given mechanism. This ensured the users tol enjoy each draw to the fullest and be able to get the dense vapor up until the battery is dead.

Consistent 5-7 Days Vaping Experience

Having a disposable vaporizer that promises and delivers 1600 puffs is great news for heavy smokers. A single JUUCY Model X is equal to 8 packs of cigarettes, so you can do your math and see where you stand.

Still, the premium-quality nic salts placed in the 6ml tank keep the vapers satisfied for a long time which means that the pauses between the draws can be considerably longer than with similar devices. This is precisely what the JUUCY team had in mind when they decided to launch their disposables, and the result speaks for itself.

The device is draw-activated and even though the mouthpiece may look too big at the first glance, it fits the lips just nicely. The tight draw and a slightly wider airflow are ideal for those who like MTL vaping, which is expectedly intense, yet it doesn’t irritate the throat at all.

JUUCY went for the safe bet of pre-filling the disposables with the e-liquid with 50mg nicotine strength, so if you are a complete vaping beginner who wasn’t a passionate smoker, keep in mind that that could be quite strong. On the other hand, for those who seek that strong nicotine rush that you thought only the tobacco could provide, JUUCY Model X 1600 puffs disposable vape’s powerful kick will leave you satisfied to the extent you’ll never want to light a cigarette ever again.

JUUCY Model X 1600 Puffs Disposable Vape’s Strongest Asset – The Flavors

So far, JUUCY added nineteen different flavors to their selection, and they intend to include brand-new editions every month or two.

The minty ones are pretty straightforward with the less or more sweet finishes (Lush Ice, Double Mint, and Clear), but the ones that deserve honorable mentions are their well-balanced fruity blends (Banana Berry, Lemonberry, Cherry Berry) and especially the unique flavors that you won’t find anywhere else.

Mintobbaco might be the most surprising flavor of the year, while the Mangorita and its seductive notes are a must-try. JUUCY managed to create flavors that are not overwhelmingly sweet but instead come with clear and easily distinguishable tones which is precisely what helped them gain popularity over a brief time.

On the other hand, this acceptance brought a great amount of fake Model X disposables on the current market, and even though an expert could probably spot those easily, an ordinary vaper who just hopes for the best cannot.

This is why it is crucial to purchase at the certified vape shops exclusively and avoid any possibility of being disappointed with a defective or simply unsatisfying fake disposable device. This is the way to honor the manufacturer who invested a lot of time and energy to produce an exceptional vaporizer and also keep yourself content for having an original product which you can get the most from.