Popular Music in Vegas Casinos

By Mitch Rice

The atmosphere of an authentic Vegas casino is like no other casino in the world. The spiritual home of casino gambling – The Las Vegas Strip – and its casinos have a special magic about them. 

There’s almost nowhere on earth that has the combination of hope, excitement and disappointment in the same way as in Vegas – people have their dreams made and also crushed at the same time.

Don’t worry if you can’t make your way to ‘Sin City’ to soak up the atmosphere, your second best option is to try some of the online casinos you find at sites like CasinoSource.ca. The online casinos you can find have almost all of the bells and whistles you can find on land-based casinos, including music!

One of the most prominent ways that a casino will craft this incredible atmosphere is through music. In fact, music has such a key role in creating the relaxed and light atmosphere of many casinos that many casinos will carefully curate their playlists. 

Why do casinos play this music?

There are a number of reasons. One of the most important is the fact that most of the music that you’ll hear will help create a relaxed, classy and laid back atmosphere. This relaxing atmosphere helps players ease into their games.

The soundtracks that players get to hear can also help to give them a more unique experience when they visit the casino and – most importantly for the casino – players can get so wrapped up in the music that they lose track of the amount of time they’ve spent gambling!

So let’s take a look at these different genres of music you’ll find in the casinos on the strip – from modern music to relaxed jazz and even classical.

Slower, Downbeat music

The more relaxed and slower music you can find in these Vegas casinos instantly makes you think of the golden age – The Rat Pack, plenty of champagne and every person at the tables was decked out in a three-piece suit or ball gown. 

This style of ‘lounge’ music is implemented in casinos for more than just nostalgic value – these establishments are businesses after all and making money is the name of the game. 

Well, the slow music is designed to have one main effect – make the gamblers feel relaxed!

When the gamblers are relaxed, they’re more likely to spend more as they aren’t as focused on their losses. We can’t say there’s any science behind this, but it seems to work for casinos!

This slower and more downbeat music is more likely to be played in the early afternoons and evenings 

Faster and more up-tempo music

This faster-paced music will usually be played during evening gambling sessions, with the music stretching out until the late evening or even the early hours of the morning. These faster songs are pumped out to encourage faster gambling, keeping the excitement levels of the players high and the adrenaline flowing. 

There are plenty of different types of fast tempo soundtracks you’ll be able to find as well, with casinos playing the likes of uptempo jazz, house music, trance music and at some casinos you can even rock music!

This faster-paced music helps create an atmosphere that is almost like a party, helping players get hyped up and place big bets. 

Live music

Another way the best casinos in vegas create a great atmosphere is with live music events. At these events, you’ll be able to find live bands and performers – maybe even big-name acts!

In the past, some casinos have been known to go all out and have full orchestras to play to their players whilst they’re enjoying the various casino amenities. Other casinos had a soloist, playing an instrument such as a violin, saxophone or guitar. There have even been singers serenading guests as they enter the casino!

Live acts have been proven to bring in guests and players from all over. For this reason, you’ll almost certainly see some sort of live show at the bigger casinos in Vegas – especially the ones with hotel complexes.

A live act can help the players feel a sort of sense of grandeur when they’re playing, having a live band crowing to them as they roll the dice or play their hand. 

Overall, if you go to visit one of the big casinos in Vegas, you should expect a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that is masterfully supported by the music and soundtrack that the casino has played.

Data and information are provided for informational purposes only, and are not intended for investment or other purposes.