5 ways to Promote Your Podcast on YouTube

By Mitch Rice

Looking for ways to get a wider reach for your podcast? Then we have some awesome tips to help you get more engagement on YouTube for your podcast. These tips are geared towards people who want to promote their podcast on YouTube.

  • Understand Your Niche

Getting a good idea about the niche you will work in is an important step. A lot of your success will depend on how well you understand your audience.

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world with over 2 billion users. This means every niche has a following on YouTube and a built-up audience base.

So, you have to take some time to research the niche and the audience you want to target. Look at the other popular podcasts in the niche. Understand what makes them popular.

This will provide you with ideas on what’s working and how you can add your unique take on it. Understanding what your audiences like to hear and watch will help you come up with new ideas for your podcast.

Do some research on your competitors and peers. You will see that there’s a pattern that the podcasts in that niche generally follow but good ones often have some unique traits.

Understanding the demographics and key psychographics of your target audience will give you some info on what kind of videos to publish to garner attention towards your podcast and when to publish it.

You can also do some research on which social media platforms your target audience is on and how your competitors are promoting themselves on those platforms.

  • Sharing Your Knowledge

Sharing your knowledge with your audience base can often help in promoting your podcast on YouTube. It might not be relevant for all kinds of podcasts but if you are an expert in something then it is advisable to release videos sharing your knowledge on that field.

A lot of podcasters have started using YouTube as a way to share their knowledge and gain more legit youtube Subscribers in that niche. If your podcast is related to history and you have experience in that field then you can share your knowledge.

A lot of people are curious about different fields and often watch videos explaining how things work or the technical details of a field. If you make it fun then you will get more views since a lot of people like to learn stuff just for fun.

Even if you are not involved in a field specifically you can just make videos about how to set up equipment or how you come up with ideas. You can also talk about how you research a particular topic for your podcast or how you get guests.

Just talk about something you are good at and believe people might be interested in learning about it.

  • Collaboration

Collaborations work great on YouTube and most of the other popular social media platforms. It is one of the best ways to boost your exposure and visibility online.

When you collaborate with another creator you sort of combine two communities who like similar stuff and all the creators involved get noticed by more people.

It can be harder to collaborate with bigger creators on YouTube since they are generally busy with a lot of similar requests. Start by finding creators in your niche at your level on YouTube. 

You will have better luck in getting affirmative replies. When you do agree on collaborating, ensure that you let the other person shine as well. Oftentimes, when YouTubers collaborate they collaborate on two videos one for each channel.

This way one of the creators can take a back seat while the other plays a more active role and it gets reversed when they shoot the video for the other channel.

You can even collaborate on podcasts and share some behind the scenes snippets which can be quite engaging for your audience.

  • Sharing Video Editions of Your Podcast

Video editions of podcasts can help promote your podcast on YouTube. You can release the video editions on YouTube and provide a link to your podcast on the other platform you use.

Video editions are very popular. It adds a different dimension to the podcast where you can see how the people are reacting and can be more engaging.

So, invest in some visual media recording instruments. It can be a simple webcam or your smartphone. Just ensure that the video quality is decent.

You can set up a few different camera angles if you have the resources so that you can cut from one to the other adding more depth to the video.

  • Share Some Interesting Clips 

This is one of the best ways to promote your podcast and gain a wider reach. One of the reasons why a lot of people might not be willing to check you out is the length of the podcast.

Now, don’t get me wrong. People love long podcasts but they aren’t going to invest time to engage with something new if they don’t know it’s going to be worth it. 

To get more YouTube Subscribers, likes & Views From SocialPros.io. You have to provide snippets from your conversation that are sort of highlights. 

If your guest or you say something very interesting, entertaining, funny or controversial then that makes for a good clip. This piques the interest of your audience making them want to check out your podcast.

So, these were some tips that can help you promote your podcast on YouTube and get a wider reach. If you are looking to get more engagement on YouTube you have to be consistent with your uploads and be patient.