There’s Now A Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame And Here Are The First Inductees (no pun intended)

Good Music, Awesome T-Shirts, and Rock n’ Roll! That’s how TheSocietees, based in Florida, decided to give the Rock Music community something to look forward to from their favorite musicians. After creating a community-driven Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame, they were able to decide the top-ten Rock n’ Roll bands ranked by which classic tees sold the most. The support from the many music fans of the different 70s, 80s, or 90s bands, created an indisputable list of favorites ranging from Poison and The Police, all the way to the top contender and first place winner, Def Leppard and its Pyromania USA Tour 1983 T-Shirt!

The First 10 Inductees to the Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame are:

1)  Def Leppard – Pyromania USA Tour 1983 T-Shirt
2)  ACDC  – High Voltage 1975 Men’s T Shirt
3)  Journey  – Departure 1980 Men’s T Shirt
4)  Pink Floyd – Animals Tour 1977 Men’s T Shirt
5)  Bon Jovi – Heart Tattoo Men’s T Shirt
6)  ZZ Top – US Tour 1990 Men’s T Shirt
7)  Motley Crue – Vintage Band Logo Men’s T Shirt
8)  KISS – Destroyer Album Men’s T Shirt
9)  The Police Ghost in the Machine Tour Men’s Raglan 
10)  Poison – Talk Dirty To Me Men’s T Shirt

While these top-ten inductees have been holding their current positions strong, this is only the beginning of the Rock Music battle of the ages, where competing for the number one spot in the Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame is up to the fans of all the iconic Rock n’ Roll band T-shirts that has as the Rock Bestseller contenders.

Societees are currently assessing the next 10 inductees into their Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame – announcement to come by Summer 2022. Every t-shirt was created with the utmost attention to detail and is meant to be a wearable piece of art. They know their customers will love wearing these t-shirts as much as they loved creating them.

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