Why Music Bingo is the Perfect Party Game

By Mitch Rice

Bingo is a game of luck that has existed for many years now, but where exactly did it begin? The first bingo type games are believed to have been played in Italy, France and Germany, where it was known as tombola or lotto. In the US, there is evidence of bingo being played since the 1920’s. However, the game is likely to have originated in Europe. Across the Atlantic Ocean, in Britain, bingo really only began to sweep the nation in the 1960’s. At this time, bingo halls quickly began springing up in every village, seaside town and city.

Bingo games have developed from their original form into a variety of guises today and it continues to be a popular, exciting and frequently played game across the world. One example of its development is music bingo.

Music bingo is a fun take on the traditional game. However, it may surprise you to know that it too has been played for many years now. It all began with a game show entitled Music Bingo, which first aired on American TV in 1958 and was hosted by Johnny Gilbert.

In the show, two contestants competed against each other by listening to a short clip of a song and when the music came to a stop, they ran to the large Bingo board and placed either a sharp or flat musical symbol on the board. The aim of the game was to be the first contestant to get five songs in a row.

Its success was short-lived but believe it or not, the game has seen somewhat of a revival in recent years, especially when it comes to parties. It is now replacing traditional bingo or quiz nights in local pubs. But really it makes a great party game for all occasions.


How to play

In traditional bingo each player has a card containing a grid of numbers. As the game progresses, the player marks off the numbers on their card as they are called at random using a marker or a chip. If the player marks an entire row on their card, they call “Bingo!” to win.

Music bingo is similarly straight forward, here’s how to play:

  1. In place of numbers on the bingo card there are song titles or artist names. The caller, or DJ, as the person is called in the case of music bingo, plays a snippet from a song.
  2. The player has to identify the song. If it is present on their card, then they can mark it with a chip.
  3. The game continues like so, with the DJ playing songs, until a player gets 5 in a row and calls “Bingo!”.

The rules of the game can vary. For example, in some cases to extend the enjoyment a little further, players have to complete the entire bingo card to win. Lay out the rules clearly from the get go to ensure everyone has a great time.


It’s the perfect party game

Music bingo is a fast-growing party game in pubs, at corporate events, fundraisers and even at home. Here are some of the occasions where a game of music bingo will liven up the atmosphere.

At home

Does your family love a games night but you are all fed up of the usual board games that always end in arguments? Then, music bingo is for you. It can be fun for all the family.

You won’t need much to get started; a DJ, and there’s always someone in every household who likes to control the music so put them to good use, a computer or phone, speakers, a prepared playlist, bingo cards, bingo chip or markers.

Alternatively, if you are just looking to plan a house party for your birthday or any other celebration, it is a super option. It inexpensive, provide guests with some drinks and snacks and you will all have a great night.

Themed parties

It is the ideal party game as it can be adapted to suit the audience or the party theme. If you are having a 70’s, 80’s or 90’s themed costume party, the playlist will really add to the fun and have everyone reminiscing over and singing along to old favourites. If you don’t have the time to create your own then make use of playlists already available online.

Corporate events

Let’s be honest, most people groan at the thought of work events, office parties or team building days. Music bingo is a great choice for a corporate event.

Everyone enjoys music; therefore, it can act as a fantastic icebreaker. As the music plays it will be much easier for groups made up of individuals across different teams to get to know each other and bond over their favourite genre of music.

Ideally, use popular songs, or songs that get frequent radio play, to ensure everyone has a chance. Alternatively, choose a different theme for each round, for example, Disney movie music, 80’s pop, rock classics. Add an even greater incentive by offering prizes to the winners.

Hen or stag party

Lots of hen and stag parties are now choosing organised music bingo events as their activity of choice. It is great entertainment; the party can get as wild as you want. Everyone can sing along, and show of their best, or worst, dance moves. Likewise, it makes for a fun and clean party game, if you are inviting parents, or a mother or father-in-law along to the hen or stag party. Choose a venue known for music bingo and everything you need will be provided for. The DJ will be able to remain even after the game has finished.


Similarly, it would make a great change from the traditional bingo charity events. If well prepared it is possible to make it appealing to all the family from young children, teens to grandparents, which will add to the success of the event. Throw in some prizes donated by local business for an added incentive to participate.

There you have it, all the reasons you need to organise a game of music bingo for your next occasion. It really is the perfect party game for all.

Data and information are provided for informational purposes only, and are not intended for investment or other purposes.