How Can I Edit My Admission Essay?

By Mitch Rice

Any text requires editing after the writing job is completed. It is especially important when we talk about an admission essay that can determine one’s future. After all, it often happens that an essay contains interesting and useful information, but an admission committee hardly reads it because of the complex presentation or inappropriate style.

Therefore, you should work with the text accurately and even look for an admission essay editing service that can help you achieve the perfect result. If you prefer the DIY approach, we are going to give you useful tips for self-editing in this article.

8 tips on fine-tuning admission essays

Do not neglect your admission essay editing because it helps get the best possible result. Keep in mind the following pieces of advice:

  1. Focus on the main aim you want to achieve while creating this essay. Look for good examples of admission essays in the initial stage of writing and try to follow their style without copying the content itself.
  2. Do not begin editing immediately after completing the text but proceed with it at least a few hours after finishing your work. It is even better to wait a few days since it is easier to see mistakes and feel the text as a reader after a while.
  3. Try reading the text aloud to reveal heavy and clumsy constructions. When you meet such phrases, try to change them at once.
  4. Everything that worsens the understanding of the text is subject to alteration or reduction. Be ruthless with sentences not related to the main point of the essay. Identify repetitions and clichés — they also need to be replaced. Utilize a dictionary of synonyms if you do not know what word can be used.
  5. Follow the rhythm of the essay. If there are too long sentences, make them shorter and simplify everything that can be made easier. Your thoughts must be clear and comprehensible.
  6. If a phrase is uneditable, remake it radically. The same ideas can be conveyed in different ways.
  7. There are a lot of online tutorials about editing and all the important details related to writing admission essays. However, it is much more reliable to check with specialized dictionaries and official guides.
  8. Do not be lazy to format the admission essay properly before sending it. Search for the requirements and do your best to follow all of them strictly.

As far as you can see, editing may require even more time than writing itself. That is why it is important to have enough time for doing this job before the deadline.

You can go through all the above-mentioned steps without the help of a professional editor, but this cannot guarantee that your admission essay will appeal to the committee and convince them that you are the right candidate. No author can bear absolutely all the rules in mind, so even writers with a philological education have a trusted editor. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact EssayEdge and get assistance from its experienced editors.

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