Everything You Need to Know About Past Eurovision: Analysis of the Winners and the Most Impressive Performances

By Mitch Rice

Betting on sports is fun, but besides sports, there are many other betting opportunities that a gambler gets in his lifetime. Some are more fun and profitable, like the Eurovision Song Contest. It has been one of the favorite places to bet for most punters in Europe and other countries throughout the world. If you also love betting on this entertainment show, you will be glad to know that they have come back with their 66th season. A few days back, we saw how Ukraine got placed in the Grand Finale, and the gamblers couldn’t hold their excitement for long.

Do you want to know more about the past Eurovision winners and best performances this year? Are you intrigued to learn about the right ways of betting on the Eurovision Song Contest on the top Eurovision betting sites? We have covered all of that and more in today’s guide. So keep reading until the end to know all about betting on the Eurovision Song Contest!

Short History of Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision is a music competition that is based in Europe, where many other countries take part and compete against each other. It was formed much after the Second World War when people were still recovering from the harsh reality they faced during the war. As Europe needed to strengthen its relationships with other countries, it introduced this song contest, and the first show was held on 24th May 1956. In that year, only seven countries took part in the competition. Gradually, the event gained huge popularity among the people of other countries. And by the 20th-century end, around 40 more countries took part in the contest. By then, the competition rules have also become stricter than before.

Until 1999, it was a rule that each song must have an orchestra playing in the background, but this rule got abolished in the contest in modern times. Australia’s participation in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest was a historical event as Australia was the first-ever country that participated in the tournament from the Oceania region.

The Eurovision fans became sad when the event got canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. But at least the fans had a Netflix movie to enjoy that year based on the song contest, named “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.” Thankfully, the event came back in 2021, and the thrill was back again on the grounds of Rotterdam.

This Year’s Best Performances in Eurovision

The Eurovision Song Contest has always been a treat to the eyes and ears. Be it the thrilling costumes or the excellent songwriting skills. The contest keeps the audience entertained. The stage arrangement of the competition is also an amazing sight to watch. Even though most of the teams perform wonderfully in this event, there are a few that the Eurovision odds count as the best. Below we have mentioned some of the top performances in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 session!

Sam Ryder, Space Man (UK)

Sam Ryder has gained rapid popularity from his Tik Tok videos that went viral all over the internet. But then, after he entered Turin, he gained even more love from the audience, especially after his Space Man performance. He also has a very chilled personality, giving him an approachable vibe. Even his SpaceMan song performance also teaches one to appreciate whatever they are blessed with in this life. We are sure Ryder has made a great impression on the European audience!

The Rasmus, Jezebel (Finland)

Jezebel, a fine composition by Lauri Ylonen and Desmond Child, when performed by The Rasmus on the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest, created a lot of hype among the audience. The Rasmus was already popular in Finland due to their metal group songs sold in millions. However, their cool appearance with metal-colored hair and goth rock has made the song contest more chilled.

Cornelia Jakobs, Hold Me Closer (Sweden)

If you are a fan of 80’s pop videos, we are sure you will love the Hold Me Closer performance by Jakobs. With her amazing stage presence and powerful song framing, she has won the hearts of many in the contest. Initially, she is sitting at peace, but slowly as the song reaches the end, she starts vibing hard with it and popping with the music. That is the quality of Sweden singers; they can imbibe the best of all in whatever song they perform.

Alvan and Ahez, Fulenn (France)

Ever wondered what will happen if Prodigy meets the Game of Thrones characters? Well, that’s the vibe you get in Alvan and Ahez’s performance of Fulenn. But, of course, the audience loves such a vibe, and hence, the crowd went crazy when it was staged in Eurovision.

Ochman, River (Poland)

People who have watched the Voice of Poland will know what a talented singer Ochman is! Krystian Ochman entered the Eurovision Song Contest to blow people’s minds with her excellent performance with an original song, River, strong enough to make people emotional.

Konstrakta, In Corpore Sano (Serbia)

The entire setting of Serbia’s performance is one of its kind. It looked more like art on stage that was backed by graceful music. The song’s staging looked like a dreamy world where Ana Duric is not only singing but also washing, getting her hands washed repeatedly. Even though some people might disagree it was one of the best performances, it was a highly memorable performance of Eurovision 2022; we vouch for that!

The Most Memorable Winners of the Eurovision Song Contest in the Past

Who will win the next Eurovision is a question that one cannot answer with 100% certainty but meanwhile, we can look back into the past and talk about the Eurovision winners who made the best impact on the audience. So have a look below to get a glimpse of the most memorable Eurovision-winning performances in the past!

Alexander Rybak, Fairytale (2009)

The winning performance given by Alexander Rybak in 2009 was the best and has scored the highest, 397 points, which is a dream for many singers. The song gained so much popularity in other nations that it is sold in abundance in Finland and Norway. It was also highly revered in Russia with a platinum certificate. Indeed, what a performance it was!

Conchita Wurst, Rise Like a Phoenix (2014)

After 1966, Austria won the contest again in 2014, all because of the wonderful performance by Conchita Wurst. Her brilliant performance with a strong voice helped her score 290 points, which she deserved. Some countries were against the win because they felt Wurst degraded their moral values due to her appearance on stage. But, of course, they were wrong because Wurst was the strongest of all contestants and was portraying her natural self on stage without minding the conservative rules of society. Isn’t that what a competition like Eurovision truly wants to showcase?

Brotherhood of Man, Save Your Kisses for Me (1976)

Brotherhood of Man gave Eurovision one of the most popular 70s hits. Save Your Kisses for Me by them earned immense love in the UK and other places like the US and Australia. Even today, this is considered one of the top performances of the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Lordi, Hard Rock Hallelujah (2006)

Finland has won the trophy only once in 2006 until today. And all credit goes to the five monstrous singers of the Lordi metal band. Their performance was so strong and mesmerizing that they successfully bagged 292 points, a record score that was not broken until Alexander Rybak performed in 2009. The most astounding fact was that around 70,000 people came to watch the show and support the band winning!

Loreen, Euphoria (2012)

Euphoria is a song that almost everyone has heard about once in their lifetime because it is that song that got certified with platinum NINE times, which is a huge victory. Even today, the critics cannot stop praising the performance! In addition, the music got 372 points in 2012, speaking of how incredible its performance was by Loreen.

Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan, Rock’n’Roll Kids (1994)

Ireland has never failed to impress the Eurovision audience, and that is why it has probably grabbed six trophies in the contest. In 1994, Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan performed the Rock’n’Roll Kids, and it was the first-ever performance by a male duo. They successfully scored 226 points. Back then, it was a huge score because they were the first to score above 200 in the history of Eurovision.

Bet on Eurovision – How to Do It Successfully?

Eurovision betting sounds easy, and honestly, it is easy, but you need to know the right betting tips. Many gamblers participate in Eurovision betting without knowing the strategies, and then they end up losing all their gambling cash. We do not want the same for you! Hence, we have listed down a few tips that you must follow for placing strategic Eurovision bets:

  • Make sure you choose safe and reliable Eurovision bookmakers. To find out whether a bookie is worth joining, check its gambling license, read the terms and conditions, check out online reviews, and see the collection of games and bonuses. If everything looks fine, then join the bookie without thinking anymore!
  • Another precious tip will be not to follow the bookie odds blindly. You need to do your research and see which team has the highest chance of winning. Your research will give you a better idea and might be more accurate than the odds advertised by the betting site.
  • Use the bookie bonuses at their best to win profitable bets at an affordable price.
  • Learn about the Eurovision winning pattern and see how the judges mark the contestants. Understanding these two essential things will help you predict the winning country better!
  • Do not run behind the market odds because they often change abruptly. For instance, if the bookie finds that some odd is getting a higher amount of bets, it changes the odds so that the bettors place wagers on the other possibilities.

Final Word

We hope that now you know all about the Eurovision Song Contest’s past winners, most awesome performances, and the right strategies for betting. If you are new to the Eurovision world, check out a few episodes from the past seasons. It will give you an idea of how the performances are and the audience’s reaction to each kind of performance. You also need to learn about which countries are the toughest competitors. All of these will help you place better bets and earn huge profits.

Data and information are provided for informational purposes only, and are not intended for investment or other purposes.