The Spoons & Broadcaster Ted Michaels Team Up for CMHA Fundraiser Sept 28 @ Burlington PAC

In 1980, an intrepid young band from Burlington made “Spoons” a different kind of household word… The Spoons — still featuring the original members Gord Deppe and Sandy Horne — made their mark with hits including “Nova Heart,” “Romantic Traffic,” “Old Emotions,” and “Tell No Lies,” and their album Arias & Symphonies would be named one of the 20 Most Influential Albums of The 80s by the Chart Magazine.

Now The Spoons are coming home to the Burlington Performing Arts Center to help in the fight against mental health stigma by taking part in ‘The Long Road Back.’ Presented by award-winning broadcaster Ted Michaels and Titan Productions, the event will take place Wednesday, September 28th in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Halton Region Branch and tickets are available here.

“Our mental health may well be one of the biggest casualties of the pandemic,” Deppe says. “We’ve seen it affect those around us — from the ones we love, to those who have fought hard to keep us safe.

“We need to join together and fight this other, ‘silent pandemic’ at a time when we need each other more than ever, and we are so honoured to return to our hometown to be part of this very important night.”

Hosted by long-time broadcaster Ted Michaels, the event is a culmination of years of work, he reveals. In October 2014, he created and hosted a new radio show called #WellnessWednesdays dealing with mental health; the series has since won a National Champions of Mental Health Award, presented by the Governor General.

“As someone who suffers from anxiety, I wanted to share my story because many people suffer in silence and don’t know where to turn,” Michaels shares. “Guests on my show all shared stories of the fear and anxiety that COVID caused, and the problems that remain; people need to know those feelings are common and there is help out there.

“It’s the start of ‘The Long Road Back’ to any sense of normalcy as we know it, and I look forward to seeing everyone there.”

Also featured at this event will be several special guests, including Michelle Titian of the Drive Foundation; an advocate of mental health awareness and solutions along with being a talented singer/songwriter in her own right, Titian is about to tour both as a panelist and performing artist through Europe in August/September to spread the word about recovery and healing through music.

Marshall Potts — who had recent success with airplay in the UK on his latest album The Storm and is also heading out on tour across Ontario and Quebec this October — will also be lending their support for this important event.

‘The Long Road Back’ is in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Halton Branch.

“During the pandemic, many people came to experience for themselves the key challenges of mental health issues like isolation, loss of purpose, a thinning of social networks, and unexplainable feelings,” CMHA Halton CEO Rashaad Vahed says. “For the first time, many people felt a brush with their own mental health stresses.

“Ted has been an incredible advocate in bringing greater attention to wellness and mental health, and we are grateful to him for supporting our community’s ‘Long Road Back’ to wellness.”
‘The Long Road Back’ in support of CMHA Halton Region Branch is hosted by Ted Michaels and features The Spoons, Michelle Titian, and Marshall Potts.

It takes place Wednesday, September 28th. Tickets at $69.50 and are available now for purchase at the Burlington Performing Arts Center (440 Locust Street, Burlington, ON) or online at the link above.