11 Best Free Apps for Streaming Movies In The UK

By Mitch Rice

There are a lot of best streaming services in UK available that you can consider but some of them are paid and some of them are free. Let’s talk about the ones today in this article. Everyone wants entertainment but not everyone wants to or is capable of paying for it. We understand the need for free streaming services for movies. After all, with platforms like Netflix increasing their prices consistently and platforms like Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video already expensive from the get-go, it can make people hesitant.

But there are many great options for streaming movies that are completely free and provide a wide catalog of movies to choose from. We’ve put together a list of 11 brilliant free streaming services for movies in the UK that you can use right now.

Here are the 11 best free movie streaming apps in the UK

 List of 11 Best Free Apps for Streaming Movies in the UK

  1. Crackle

Crackle is a brilliant platform that is known for its versatility. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a browser to access it or its native app on a platform like iOS, Android, or even a gaming console, it provides easy access to everyone. It also comes with a simplistic and easy-to-use interface.


It doesn’t allow you to filter or sort the search results, so you will have to scroll for it or search it directly by name.



●      Huge catalog.

●      Supports closed-captions.

●      You don’t have to log in.


●      Search feature is too basic,

●      Doesn’t allow sorting.

●      Not a lot of movie categories.

  1.   Tubi

Tubi is another great option. It has over 35,000 movies in its database. The Tubi mobile apps and website apps are all well-optimized for improved user experience. Once you click on a movie, you are given a brief description and a selection of similar movies too. The search tool is also quite detailed and has improved functionality.




●      Movies and shows are in separate sections.

●      Kids category is also available.

●      High-quality films available.


●      Genre lists aren’t able to be sorted.

  1.   Vudu

Vudu also has apps for just about all mainstream platforms. It also has two packages. You can choose to pay for an ad-free version or you could simply use the free version but it will come with ads. Movies that you can watch on the free version will be labeled, “free with ads”.


Vudu also has movies sorted into unique categories that you can peruse if you are looking for a quick selection.




●      High-quality movies.

●      Easy to find free movies.

●      Catalog is constantly expanding.


●      Free movies can be removed without notice.

●      Log-in is required to watch movies.

  1. Redbox

Redbox is another ad-supported platform that lets you watch movies for free. They have a well-built mobile app and a very well-organized movie library that makes it easy to find your favorite film. They also give a notification when removing a movie from the free section.




●      Organized movie library.

●      No log-in is required.


●      Few genres to choose from.

●      Can’t search for free movies.

  1.   Yidio

Yidio is unique in the sense that it isn’t as accessible when it comes to platform availability. You can only install Yidio if you have iOS, Android, or Amazon Kindle, that’s it. But it has a great movie sorting and filtering system that you can use at any time.




●      Helps you find free movies.

●      Lots of filtering options.


●      Few devices are supported.

●      It will require you to open third-party apps for most free movies.

  1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix makes a clear distinction between TV shows and movies and it has a huge library and many genres to choose from. You can even use the “not seen” filter to remove movies you’ve already watched.




●      Ads are short.

●      Subtitle and language features.


●      Can’t sort by trending or popularity.

  1. Pluto TV

Pluto TV has apps for desktop and mobile platforms. It also offers the option of watching live TV. If you’d rather not watch movies from a specific channel, you can block that channel too.



●      Works on a lot of devices.

●      Let’s watch live movies.


●      Has non-movie channels, which can be confusing.

●      You have to request on-demand to re-watch a movie.

  1. YouTube

YouTube has entered the movie market. Its movie library is constantly expanding. You can buy a movie, rent it or even watch many free ones with ads. It even has many dedicated movie channels like Maverick Movies and Timeless Classic Movies.




●      List of free movies.

●      Alerts you when new movies are added.


●      Can’t browse by genre.

●      Smaller library.

  1. FilmRise

The FilmRise service focuses more on the classic and dramatized side of things. They even have categories like Book Adaptations, Political Thrillers, Shorts, Future, and Musicals.



●      No sign-up or log-in is needed.

●      Simple app design.


●      Doesn’t have sorting options.

  1.                 The Roku Channel

Roku’s app is rather bland but it more than makes up for it by offering features like not requiring you to log in or having a special section for all free movies for you to view. There’s also a live TV section if you are in the mood for something random.



●      Separates paid movies from free.

●      Has both live TV and on-demand movies.


●      Movies aren’t separate from TV shows.

●      Apps aren’t user-friendly as other options.

  1. Kanopy

Kanopy is also unique in the sense that it requires a library card for you to access the service. Once you have logged in, you have access to tens of thousands of titles. It also has sorting and filtering features and even a kid’s section.



●      Ad-free app.

●      Offers closed-captioning and parental controls.


●      Library card is required.

●      Lacks genre variety.



Now, all you have to do is pick one of these free streaming services for movies and start watching. The hassle of paying for a streaming service isn’t needed here. Just choose which service suits you best and begin your journey to entertainment.

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