Rocker nasmore Teams With Cris Hodges & Neil Taylor For New EP “When Will I Learn”

The ever-collaborative methods of artist/producer nasmore and his chameleon-esque approach to the art of making music have seen his songs find incredible success in a stunning variety of different styles over the course of the past year. As he surges into 2022, he’s returned with a slice of Stadium Rock.

Recently, nasmore had struck gold when working with vocalist Cris Hodges, carving out a series of unique epics, but on his new single, he’s pushed the partnership even further, adding to their winning formula with the howling guitar of Neil Taylor. His playing on ‘Tears for Fears’ album Songs from the Big Chair including “Everybody Wants To Rule the World” is part of music history. A former member of new wave legends Tears for Fears and Robbie Williams band, and a long-term collaborator with stars like Tina Turner, Chris De Bourgh, and Natalie Imbruglia, Neil wastes little time in making his contribution to the new song heard, lashing out with fierce guitar licks that perfectly mingle with Cris’ rough, expressive vocals.

Designed with grippingly powerful dynamics that morph and transition with surgical precision through brooding moodiness, melodic serenity, and live-wire instrumentation & vocals that crank out heat hot enough to melt your speakers – “When Will I Learn” burns the bridges between the past & the present.

The album comes with a music-story that immerses the listener into the song’s world full of mystery, wisdom, and feelings. Twisting through a story expertly crafted as only a songwriter like nasmore can, no quarter is spared in telling a tale of the harsh reciprocal effects of karma. From devastating emotions to insightful lyricism that details a genuine yearning for there to be more to life than there is, nasmore’s penchant to dare to tackle issues & themes that others are afraid to address directly makes songs like “When Will I Learn” as hauntingly relatable as they are. Fueled by fired-up musicianship, including a sensational guitar solo via the talents of ace axe-man Neil Taylor, and serious punch added into every syllable sung by Cris Hodges making another appearance in nasmore’s rapidly growing catalogue, their skills combined together as one creates an epic experience so vivid, sensory & real, that it’s more than memorable – it’s like you lived it.

Musically, the new cut is a hard-rock epic in every sense, delivering a titanic mix of all three artists’ talents and styles. Pushing boundaries with an anthemic sound that layers evolving atmospherics with melodic backing and fierce guitars, ‘When Will I Learn’ is emotive, arena rock at its absolute best.

A well-crafted post-grunge cut that is fresh, fierce, and wonderfully relatable, ‘When Will I Learn’ is an anthem for anyone fighting with loss, regret, and remorse. Arriving as a seminal new addition to nasmore’s ever-growing catalogue, ‘When Will I Learn’ is a sensational EP with the power to fill stadiums, win hearts, and have a crowd of thousands holding out their lighters and singing along in celebration.

Join nasmore, Cris Hodges, and Neil Taylor as they combine their talents into a monumental moment in time & deliver an anthem stocked & loaded with single-worthy sound that’ll shake the walls around you. With unparalleled passion & emotional intensity that hits hard in all the right ways, “When Will I Learn” creates a resounding impact through both its words and music that is as unforgettable as songs can be.