Galactic Games That Are Out of This World

By Mitch Rice

Gaming is a hugely popular hobby and one of the reasons why is because it enables you to escape your everyday life. You can sink into an entirely different world and, depending on the type of game that you choose, even an entirely different universe. If you enjoy the idea of exploring outer space then these galactic games will be a great choice for you.

Star Trek Online

Whilst this game has been around for a while, it’s had so many updates that it still plays as well as some of the newest releases. It takes the form of an MMORPG and if you’re a Star Trek fan then you’ll be in good company. Thousands of superfans love this game for its faithfulness to the Star Trek universe, including well known settings from the series and the vast majority of the characters that people love. At times the game can feel like a three-dimensional chatroom for fans to hang out in, but when your shuttle swoops in on a battle all of that is forgotten and it’s time for action. Groups of players can come together to take down foe, including NPC vessels and also other real players. You’ll need to consider all kinds of factors like the speed and positioning of your shuttle, plus you’ll want to be well armed too. With plenty of updates being released regularly, this game is only set to keep improving, so it’s a good one to get into if you like active developers and a dedicated gaming community.

Galactic Blast

Galactic Blast is the perfect choice for those who enjoy playing slots online and want a format with plenty of aliens. The game lets you act as a space explorer, taking your ray gun into previously unexplored territories and looking out for what you might encounter there. Strange-looking aliens fill the reels as well as your fellow explorers. In the background you’ll find manically flashing, brightly coloured lights, as well as stars swooping past you. This combined with the dramatic and tension-building music makes for an exciting gaming experience. The game takes a pretty standard form of 5 reels, with 3 paylines. Across those lines you’ll need to match symbols to win, some of the symbols are more common than others and this is reflected in the generosity of the prizes. Overall, this is a simple game with great graphics that help it to feel fresh and exciting. If you want to be up and running in minutes then this browser-based slot is a solid choice.

The Astroneer

If you’re a platform gamer then you’ll love this release by System Era Softworks. The Astroneer is set up like a sort of Minecraft, but in space and with plenty of aliens. The aim of the game is to colonize planets, creating the structures that your troops need to survive by making use of the resources in your environment. This game will appeal to creative gamers enormously as there’s no set storyline, meaning that you can let your imagination run wild and create whatever universe you want your astroneer to live in. As you play, you’ll need to make use of three different facets. The first is crafting, which helps you to effectively colonise planets by building things like space shuttles, batteries and storage for food. The next is the terrain tool, which allows you to shape the ground underneath your feet into whatever you desire. The final tool, and perhaps the most useful, is your backpack as without this you can’t collect the items that you need to progress in the game. If you’re struggling a little with how things fit together then checking out Twitch is a good idea; there are some pro gamers on there that offer really helpful tips. Master all three of these tools and you’ll be able to create some pretty incredible colonies

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