The JAZZ.FM91 Canadian Jazz Time Capsule Project Has Begun

A copy of Moe Koffman’s Live at George’s album from 1975, programs from now closed but not forgotten Toronto venues, and Oscar Peterson’s Canadiana Suite: These are just some of the suggestions we have received so far to place in the JAZZ.FM91 Canadian Jazz Time Capsule.

JAZZ.FM91, Canada’s only 24/7 all jazz radio broadcaster, is asking listeners and community members what they would put into the container — something to define Canadian jazz for future generations.

Once enough suggestions are received, JAZZ.FM91 will form a committee to decide which ones will go into the time capsule, then commission it to be built and decide where it’s buried.

The contents of the JAZZ.FM91 Canadian Jazz Time Capsule will be revealed at a special Sound of Jazz Concert on April 30th, in celebration of International Jazz Day. Hosted at Lula Lounge, the event will feature a performance by Michael Shand and his trio — plus some very special guests. The 46th Sound of Jazz concert series is sponsored by Don Valley North Lexus and Remenyi House of Music.

Want to take part in defining Canadian jazz up to this moment? Send your suggestion for the JAZZ.FM91 Canadian Jazz Time Capsule by email to