Andy Taylor Announces First Solo Release In Over 30 Years

Andy Taylor – songwriter, guitarist, singer, and Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee whose credits include his work with Duran Duran, The Power Station, Robert Palmer, Rod Stewart, The Almighty, Thunder and The Ting Tings returns with a new album ‘Man’s A Wolf To Man’ (September 8th) via BMG, his first solo release in over 30 years.

Andy Taylor has the kind of history that real rock stars have, the kind that encompasses huge hit records, mind-boggling excess, and triumph over the odds. After his first time as a member of Duran Duran, Andy went on to produce Rod Stewart and help make Thunder stars in their own right by producing their first album. The Power Station, with Andy, Robert Palmer and Tony Thompson, made good on Duran Duran’s promise to combine CHIC and the Sex Pistols, as did working with Steve Jones on Andy’s debut solo album Thunder in 1987.

‘Man’s A Wolf To Man’ was delayed by the pandemic, which gave Andy time to re-tool the album. It was during this process that he was given the news that the prostate cancer he had been battling was now terminal. This diagnosis meant that he could not attend his induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as a member of Duran Duran.

“When I started writing this album, it was the beginning of the chaos – 2016, 2017”, Andy says. ‘Man’s A Wolf To Man’ is pretty apt now. Having lived there, had kids there, had an amazing career there, I know America very well. And when you watch the breakdown, and the extremes of it, how quickly people became vicious enemies

“Well, ‘Man’s A Wolf To Man’ is about how man is his own worst enemy and will behave like a pack of wolves towards his other human enemy. What we saw bubbling when I started writing, it was all about getting even – why do you get so mad trying to get even? Why do people get angry? Why don’t they just do better themselves? I was getting back to making records that are human, about something that mattered or matters, that are in the moment.”

The album is anything but po-faced though, Influential Blondes rides off on a stirring, high-glam chorus; “Try To Get Even”, a duet with Tina Arena, is a gorgeous, country-rock ballad, “Reachin’ Out To You” is the kind of funky rock that fans of The Power Station will love, “Gettin’ It Home” is stirring hard rock, “This Will Be Ours” and “Gotta Give” see Andy slide from skiffle-style grooves into a raunchy, Stones-y stomp.

2023 finds Andy Taylor on top of the world, with a solo album that he is justifiably proud of and is currently undergoing targeted therapy which is life changing & lifesaving. He currently appears on three songs on Tina Arena’s new Australian chart-topping album Love Saves and just last week his former band members in Duran Duran announced they will play a special benefit concert in California on August 19th to raise money for Andy’s cutting-edge cancer treatment.

The future looks bright, for as long as it can last, whatever length of time that might be.


Man’s A Wolf To Man

Influential Blondes

Did It For You

Try To Get Even (Featuring Tina Arena)

Reachin’ Out To You

Getting It Home

The Last Straw

This Will Be Ours

Gotta Give (Featuring Gary Stringer)

Big Trigger

Man’s A Wolf To Man (reprise)