Special Episode of “Remembering with Jeff Sammut” Podcast Pays Tribute To His Father

Available now, the 36th episode of the heartfelt podcast “Remembering with Jeff Sammut” will be released here and various podcast platforms. Hosted by Jeff Sammut, host of Canada Now on SiriusXM Canada, this special episode serves as a poignant tribute to Jeff’s late father, Emmanuel Sammut, who battled Alzheimer’s and passed away in 2021.

In a deeply moving and personal episode, Jeff Sammut invites listeners to join him on a unique journey of remembrance with featured guest none other than Rita Sammut, Emmanuel’s devoted wife of over half a century and his primary caregiver during his battle with Alzheimer’s.

Jeff reflects on the significance of “Remembering” and its unexpected evolution throughout the year. The podcast, born out of a simple idea, has blossomed into a platform where Jeff has had the privilege of delving into the lives of remarkable guests across various fields, from pop culture and sports to music. For the concluding episode of the year, Jeff chooses to make it deeply personal, sharing his family’s journey and highlighting the importance of open conversations about Alzheimer’s.

By openly discussing his family’s experience with Alzheimer’s, Jeff hopes to encourage listeners to share their own stories and support organizations dedicated to battling this challenging illness.

“I hope the listeners are encouraged to speak out about their experiences with Alzheimer’s and support societies and foundations who do amazing work in battling this illness and supporting caregivers,” says Jeff. He further encourages listeners, regardless of their experiences with Alzheimer’s, to engage in meaningful conversations with their loved ones.