The Beatles Are Releasing A 3″ Turntable For Record Store Day

Coming April 20, 2024 to record stores, a “mini” celebration of The Beatles’ historic Ed Sullivan appearances, sixty years ago. A revamped mini-turntable, and 3″ records for four of the songs they played on that explosive television moment.

The Beatles 3″ turntable package comes fully equipped with the ability to stream vinyl via external speakers with the built-in Bluetooth transmitter, and also:

● Pre-mounted AT3600L moving magnet cartridge.

● Full-size turntable features like adjustable pitch control, a clear dust cover, headphone jack, and post adapters for large-hole records.

● Aux output with RCA conversion cable included

● Four 3-inch Beatles releases with unique, collectible artwork

● Matching record carrying case that can hold up to ten 3-inch records

Each 3″ single, ” Want to Hold Your Hand,” “Till There Was You,” “Saw Her Standing There,’” and “She Loves You”, also sold separately.