Renowned Producer Ikky Releases Anticipated New Electronic EP ‘Ikky’s House’

Renowned Punjabi producer Ikky has emerged as a driving force in advancing the South Asian music scene on a global scale with his innovative production style and genre-defying sounds. Today, he unveils his anticipated electronic/house EP Ikky’s House. The collection of five tracks push Ikky’s sound in a new direction and showcases his ability to blend traditional Punjabi and Hindi elements with dance floor ready grooves, UK garage vocals and house music influence.

Discussing the EP, Ikky explains, “Ikky’s house feels like the experiment I’ve always dreamt about. Every song is a different language, a different mood, all while maintaining cohesiveness as a whole project.’’ While staying true to his signature sound, the project pushes boundaries and traverses various genres. Notably, the EP features the previously released track “Ishq Hua” and showcases the vocal talents of emerging artists Uday Shergill and Sophia Fracassi on “Dushmani” and “Only Lover,” respectively.

Aside from his own released music, Ikky’s production has been lighting up the charts with his distinct brand of hip–hop, pop and Punjabi music, both at home and through the rest of the world. Last year, he served as the Executive Producer on Karan Aujla’s Making Memories album generating more than 405M streams worldwide. The album earned gold certification in Canada, debuted on Billboard #4 and soared to #3 on Spotify’s Global Top Album Charts, surpassing other renowned artists such as Russ, DannyLux, and Warren Zeiders.

Outside of production – Ikky has been hard at work with Warner Music Canada / Warner Music India on the imprint label 91 North as Creative Director. 91 North is a globally charged label bridging the gap between South Asian stars and the world. Ikky has already achieved so much but is just getting started.

Canadian producer and composer Ikky has been lighting up the charts with his distinct brand of hip–hop, pop and Punjabi music, both at home and through the rest of the world. The 23-year-old Canadian based artist has garnered over 4 billion streams across the globe with such career-defining hits as “Diamond” with Gurnam Bhullar, which has more than 600 million YouTube views until date; “Baller” with Shubh, which has over 100 million streams on Spotify alone; and the Billboard Canadian Top 20 charting “52 Bars” with Karan Aujla. Ikky recently became the first Punjabi artist ever to perform at the Calgary Stampede in July 2023. Followed was him becoming the top-leading nominated artist of the 2023 BritAsia awards as the executive producer of the global hit album, Making Memories, by Karan Aujla. He is also the co-founder of 4N (pronounced ‘foreign’) Records and its 4N Nights concert event series, which are a manifestation of his mission to showcase South Asian talent internationally. More recently, Ikky has been named Creative Director of 91 North Records, the new imprint under Warner Music Canada with an intention to bridge the gap between east and west. “I want to make sure that once the door opens for Punjabi music worldwide, it will flood the gates,” says Ikky.