Taya Mori Gets Personal On Her New Single “Mo’s Life”

Breathtaking and soulful Canadian recording artist, Taya Mori shares “Mo’s Life”, the 2nd single from her forthcoming debut EP, LUCID… “Mo’s Life” is all about acceptance and choosing yourself despite your flaws. The Euro Visa Visa produced track has a versatile upbeat yet chill vibe; perfect for a sunny day in the park or a gloomy Sunday at home… Following the early success of her first single “In Advance”, Taya is on course to deliver her debut EP, LUCID, very soon and cannot wait to share it with the World…

LUCID is an experimental project, playing around with sounds to create this sort of utopic environment — what it sounds like being alone floating on a cloud, lying on a lily pad, or in a bed of roses. The project is an emotional journey about questioning your sanity, and what it means to be alone and live for yourself truly. From leaving lovers, questioning your choices, and choosing to stay a fantasy — all to remain in control, in solitude and reassured by the wind, that you’re never truly alone.

“This EP was heavily inspired by the breakup I was going through while writing these songs. Breakups fucking suck and they suck even harder when no one does anything wrong and you have to make a decision based on your needs to propel you forward. It’s too easy to lose yourself in relationships, and that was exactly what was happening. Ultimately, I wanted to reclaim the person I was when I was/am alone. Alone and entirely pouring into myself and what that felt like. I missed that. I love that. I love being alone! The EP’s outro, “Flower Girl”, circles back to that initial jump scare you get when you make a life-altering decision, like leaving your lover of 2+ years… We are never truly alone, we are constantly surrounded by so much love and beauty! Go outside and stand in the trees. Listen to the wind. You are most definitely not alone!”

Taya Mori is a multifaceted Canadian singer-songwriter, model, and actress. Emerging from the ether, Taya has recently relocated to Vancouver, where she focuses primarily on her passion for expression. Alongside her youthful aura, “staying in one place for too long stagnates the mind,” and “experience makes life worth living” are enlightenments that Taya continues to apply throughout her life to keep every day full of inspiration. Heavily influenced by Blues and Jazz music, holding notes of Amy Winehouse, writers like Billie Holiday and Adele close to her heart — Taya and her sweet yet sultry vocals look forward to writing more ballads, bringing a sense of vulnerability, and applying live instruments to captivate listeners all over the World.

In Advance
Mo’s Life
Flower Girl