Unveiling ‘Who Are You’: Behind the Scenes at The Who’s Legendary Ramport Studios, London

The Who’s iconic single “Who Are You” stands as a cornerstone of their musical legacy, encapsulating the band’s unparalleled energy and creativity. Released in 1978 as the title track of their album of the same name, the song immediately grabbed listeners with its electrifying blend of rock, punk, and introspective lyrics. With Pete Townshend’s blistering guitar riffs, Roger Daltrey’s impassioned vocals, and Keith Moon’s thunderous drumming, “Who Are You” became an anthem for a generation grappling with questions of identity and purpose. Its timeless appeal continues to resonate, serving as a testament to The Who’s enduring influence on rock music. This is the promo film for the song, filmed at the band’s Ramport Studios in Battersea, London on May 4, 1978.