Toronto’s Multi-Talented Harriet Chung Lights Up the Music Scene with Upbeat Single “Dawn Till Dusk”

Pop artist Harriet Chung is no stranger to the spotlight and the release of her latest single “Dawn Till Dusk” only comes as another one of her many creative accomplishments.

While Chung spent her childhood singing, dancing, and playing the piano, her time in the spotlight came when she was cast in a Toronto production of The Phantom of the Opera. The Toronto-based multi-faceted artist went on to receive several artistic accolades to the likes of receiving Outstanding Actress awards for the internationally acclaimed musical film Golden Lotus and performing in the most successful show in German history, Cats.

Now, Chung continues to share her talent with the release of “Dawn Till Dusk.” Her artistry and accomplishments shine through the single as Chung’s strong, well-seasoned, opera-like vocals are the showpiece of the song. Joyful horns contribute to the bright and upbeat melodies. Throughout the single, Chung shares a message of hope as she sings lyrics that view life through an optimistic lens.

There’s a fire inside my heart
To make each day a work of art
Rain or shine from dawn till dusk
Everyday is a brand new start

Chung’s personal and professional growth is apparent as she tells the tale of her relentless pursuit of excellence and her passion for living life to its fullest. In her latest music video, bright colours flash across the screen as children sing along with Chung as they paint blank canvas’ with bold colours — a testimony to Chung’s message that every day is a new canvas waiting to be painted with our brightest colors.

“Dawn Till Dusk” comes as more upbeat than her previous single “As Each Day Goes By.” Through delicate harmonies, the ballad takes a look at love and showcases Chung’s sweet and soothing voice, as do all of her singles.

Striking the perfect balance between strong and powerful yet delicate and graceful, it’s no secret Chung’s voice is well-practiced — and it’s what makes her stand out. In singles like “Today and Tomorrow” her craft is evident, and listeners can be moved by enchanting melodies and soft theatrical vocals.

Now, “Dawn Till Dusk” comes as another skillfully made single with added layers of upbeat and joyful components. Chung continues forward with passion for her craft and for her life and shares this message with us. “Dawn Till Dusk” is yours to listen to and love.