Canadian Powerhouses Lou Pomanti and Robyn Black Unleash Infectious Vibes with Soulful Collaboration “Shake About It”

Get ready to shake it like never before with Lou Pomanti and Robyn Black as they release their newest soulful single, “Shake About It.” This dynamic collaboration between Lou, one of Canada’s most accomplished producers, composers, musicians, and musical directors, and Robyn, Canada’s vocal treasure, is not just music – it’s a mood-lifting invitation to throw caution to the wind and let go of all your worries.

With its infectious groove and upbeat tempo, “Shake About It” is the ultimate anthem for shaking off the stresses of the day and embracing the present moment. As two of Canada’s most dynamic musical talents, Lou and Robyn bring their own unique flair to their new single, drawing from their diverse backgrounds and experiences. This collaboration represents a true amalgamation of talent as they infuse the song with a blend of funk, soul, and pure fun.

Robyn Black has ascended into the spotlight with “Butterfly,” a meticulously crafted album embodying a musical journey through narratives of resilience, love, introspection, and fervor for life, released in October 2023. After two decades of shaping melodies from the shadows, Robyn, with the release of her long-anticipated album, has made a resolute entrance into the domain of established solo artists. Developed in conjunction with her unyielding ally in Lou as the producer, the album encompasses eleven tracks, presenting eight original compositions and three ingeniously envisioned covers, thereby testifying to Robyn’s evolution from a seasoned session vocalist to a consummate recording artist.

This album goes beyond displaying Robyn’s stunning vocal capacity and emotional expanse; it epitomizes her metamorphosis into an artist daring to unveil her soul, sharing the myriad experiences that have molded her path. Alongside Lou, a steadfast believer in her limitless talent, Robyn has not merely evolved but also crafted an auditory embrace, both a testament to her artistic maturation and an invitation to bear witness to the splendor birthed when unwavering resolve converges with raw, unrestrained talent.

Robyn has shared the stages with celebrated bands such as the Backstreet Boys and lending her vocals for demos, background vocals, and voiceovers for various global projects. She has joined forces with industry titans like Chin Injeti and Justin Gray, lending her vocals and songwriting prowess to artists and shows globally, including for Japanese artist Crystal Kay and American artist Sarah Haze, while also providing memorable performances for brands like Folgers and Bell Canada.

Canadian Screen Awards (Gemini) winner Lou Pomanti is one of Canada’s most accomplished producers, composers, musicians, and musical directors. Lou’s original music and performances are featured on soundtracks and recordings from some of Canada’s biggest stars, and he has contributed playing, arrangements and productions to several Grammy winning albums. In 1980 Lou received a call from David Clayton-Thomas to join the seminal jazz rock group Blood, Sweat and Tears and toured the world. It began a decades-long association including the role as producer on DCT’s “Soul Ballads” album for Universal Records. 1983 saw the beginning of Lou’s session career as the first call pianist/synthesist in Toronto. His playing and arranging has enhanced the recordings of Michael Bublé, Gordon Lightfoot, and Anne Murray, as well as rockers Kim Mitchell and Triumph.

Lou received a Gemini award for arranging and conducting “Both Sides Now” for Joni Mitchell’s induction to the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. Lou arranged the orchestra for Michael Bublé’s smash hit “Haven’t Met You Yet”, which has sold over 7 million copies worldwide. He has 8 arrangements in total on Michael Bublé records. He has contributed to and/or produced recent albums by Marc Jordan, The Tenors, Matt Dusk, David Clayton-Thomas, June Garber, John Finley, Barbra Lica and many more.