SiriusXM Unveils “listen Next” Initiative

 SiriusXM today announced Listen Next, a new initiative designed to develop diverse audio talent and promote inclusivity in podcasting. Listen Next will pair the power of SiriusXM and first launch sponsor State Farm with leading, diverse-led production companies to help the next generation of creators break through the audio landscape and launch successful, sustainable podcasting careers. The program’s first season will launch with the first show, “Stars and Stars with Isa,” produced in collaboration with Futuro Studios, premiering March 19.

Listen Next will include a full year of distribution, marketing resources, production support from the specialists at SiriusXM’s Stitcher Studios, networking opportunities and guidance from talent and executives across the podcasting industry. Podcasters will retain full ownership rights to their work. In collaboration with the production studios behind the shows, Listen Next will amplify creators both in front of and behind the mic, and offer a megaphone to their stories.

”With Listen Next, we’re thrilled to accelerate the audio careers of the next generation of podcasting stars and contribute to a more inclusive audio industry,” said Kameel Stanley, Program Director, Stitcher Studios. “By collaborating directly with diverse-led production studios, we are able to make a greater impact in amplifying rising voices behind the mic. We’re thrilled to work with these studios and creators to bring Listen Next to life in 2024, and to welcome new talent into the SiriusXM family.”

By sponsoring the inaugural Listen Next season, State Farm is empowering the next generation of podcasters to focus on developing their shows and stretching their creativity at the very start of their podcasting journeys. In doing so, State Farm is making a direct contribution to the diversification of podcasting and the support of BIPOC creators at the earliest stage, before the shows even launch.

“As podcast listenership continues to grow and become more diverse, we are thrilled to play a small part in helping to develop and elevate new voices in the space,” said Mike Reid, Vice President of Revenue Partnerships at SiriusXM Media. “By bringing sponsors into the program, we can do even more to not only amplify these much-needed voices, and directly support them in launching their podcasting careers. We are thrilled to have State Farm joining us in investing not only in the next generation of great BIPOC creators, but also in our overall mission to amplify diverse voices and uplift future podcasting superstars.”

“Podcasts are increasing in popularity especially with younger generations, so it is imperative that new talent can showcase their perspectives and creative talents across the growing digital landscape,” said Brent Malik Bynum, Marketing Director at State Farm. “State Farm is excited to be collaborating with SiriusXM to lead the way for more diverse voices to connect with listeners worldwide.”

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