Listen To All The Fantastic Four Radio Show Episodes Featuring Bill Murray and Stan Lee From 1975

In 1975, audiences were treated to a short-lived but memorable radio adaptation of “The Fantastic Four,” featuring a stellar cast that brought the beloved Marvel superheroes to life through the airwaves. Led by Bob Maxwell as the brilliant Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) and Cynthia Adler as the empathetic Susan Storm (Invisible Woman), the ensemble was rounded out by the comedic talents of Bill Murray as the fiery Johnny Storm (Human Torch) and Jim Pappas as the gruff but lovable Ben Grimm (The Thing). Narrated by the legendary Stan Lee himself, the radio show offered fans a captivating audio experience, capturing the essence of the iconic comic book series while adding its own unique flair. Though its run was brief, the Fantastic Four radio show remains a cherished gem for fans of classic superhero storytelling.