Statement from Tom Wilson on the passing of Junkhouse band member Russell (Rusty) Wilson

Rave On, Russell Wilson.

We look into the faces of wild things to try and see ourselves. We want to see what part of us might live in there behind the eyes.

Russell was a live wire, powerful, off his rocker, loving, conducting the spirits, and hanging on by a thread. It’s impossible to even imagine knowing anyone like him again in this lifetime.

He was funny as Hell, unpredictable, incredibly talented, loud, sensitive and he could scare ya if you weren’t paying attention.

I was lucky enough to the go deep into the trenches with him. We ran around globe together in or band taking on stages from Belgium to Brantford.

We played in castles and in barrooms and hockey arenas living on a very long road, and we had the best time of our lives.

Russell was guided by instincts, not by sight, and he ignited pure fire at high volume, came out swinging with a bass around his neck that he made look like a ukulele.

The Lord never patted him on the head, but he may have booted him in the butt a couple of times.

He was out of this world as long as we knew him and now, he’s closer to us than he’s ever been.

– Tom Wilson

The Blues Holler Picnic in Uxbridge, ON on June 22 and Brantford, ON Crow Fest show on July 19 will go on as a tribute to Rusty with more to be announced soon.