The Junos Are This Weekend, And You Can Still Get Involved As An Artist (Without Leaving Your House…)

The Canadian Academy of Arts and Sciences have announced the final lineup of artists set to perform at The 2024 JUNO Awards Broadcast hosted by Canadian pop icon, Nelly Furtado. Among the highlights, Alexandra Stréliski will pay homage to Karl Tremblay, the iconic lead singer and co-founder of Les Cowboys Fringants in a joint performance with Allison Russell and Aysanabee who will pay tribute to legendary artists Gordon Lightfoot and Robbie Robertson. Additionally, Jeremy Dutcher and Elisapie will take the stage with a powerful performance that will delight audiences.

This year’s winners will be unveiled in Halifax, Nova Scotia, first at the JUNO Opening Night Awards Presented by Music Canada on Saturday, March 23, followed by The JUNO Awards Broadcast on Sunday, March 24, live on CBC. Produced by Insight Productions (a Boat Rocker company), the 53rd JUNO Awards will be broadcast and streamed live from the Scotiabank Centre in Halifax, starting at 9 p.m AST/8 p.m EST on CBC TV, CBC Gem, CBC Radio One, CBC Music, CBC Listen, and globally at and CBC Music’s YouTube page.

If you’re an artist, and even if you didn’t get a nomination, you can still be part of the social media buzz, and show your support to the music industry, your friends and colleagues, and it’s going to make you feel good. Here are 5 reasons why:

Community Building: Supporting other artists, especially those nominated for big awards like the JUNOs, helps create a strong community in the music world. When artists cheer on and celebrate each other’s achievements, it makes for a friendly and supportive atmosphere that helps everyone feel good.

Networking Opportunities: When artists show support for JUNO nominees on social media, it can lead to making important connections. They can meet other musicians, people who work in the music industry, and fans who also like the nominees. These connections might lead to chances to work together, make deals, or get noticed in the future.

Reciprocity: By cheering on fellow musicians, artists often find that kindness comes back to them. When they actively support and celebrate other artists, they’re more likely to get similar support when they release new music, go on tour, or try new things in their careers. It’s like a friendly circle where everyone helps each other out.

Elevating the Industry: Adding to the excitement around the JUNO Awards and the artists nominated raises the whole music industry up. When Canadian artists and their music get more attention, it not only boosts the reputation of individual musicians but also highlights the variety and talent in Canadian music overall. This is good for all artists, whether they’re up for awards or not.

Inspiration and Motivation: Paying attention to the success of JUNO nominees can inspire and encourage artists who haven’t been nominated themselves. Seeing other musicians get recognized for their hard work can push artists to keep getting better and aim for their own successes. It shows that with dedication, hard work, and supporting each other, everyone can achieve their goals in music.

So, put the spotlight on your favourite nominee, performer or anything you can think of – it’ll be worth a post or two…