Toronto Rock Upstart DYLAN BRADLEY Unveils Cathartic Anthem “I’m Sorry” from Debut Album ‘No Turning Back’

Life has its sour moments, and it can be hard to move on when it happens with someone you love. Sometimes, hard things come before good things, and you have to work through some pain in order to get to a better place. This is showcased on Toronto based rock singer-songwriter Dylan Bradley’s new single “I’m Sorry” from his debut No Turning Back, which the album is already at over 70,000 streams on Spotify.

The song opens with some energetic guitar riffs reminiscent of pop-punk bands like Good Charlotte and Blink-182. Buffering this is Bradley’s passionate vocals as he sings of how a lover made false apologies after damaging his stuff and how he blames himself for not being the best person he could be.

When the song continues into the chorus, Bradley refuses to be guilt ridden any longer. He apologies for not being who his lover wanted him to be, but he also decides to be who he wants to be.

The song continues discussing the back and forth between Bradley and his lover as the guitar riffs have a little added flourish before the chorus comes in again. Afterwards, there is a bridge that almost feels like an apology for the song’s frivolous tone.

“I know I know I know
I’m not what you want, oh
I know I know I know
I’m insecure sometimes, oh
I know I know I know, I know”

Bradley acknowledges this tone by stating, “I’m Sorry is a song about living the way that you want to live, regardless of what other people think. It’s a sort of tongue in cheek apology to those who disagree with the way you choose to live your life. However, the lyric “one of these days I’ll get this right” brings a deeper meaning of feeling like you’re not quite who you want to be yet.”

The newfound freedom of “I’m Sorry” is captured in the song’s music video. It features Bradley happily performing the song alone under a graffiti-covered underpass and occasionally riding a skateboard. The latter demonstrates the influence of 00’s pop-punk songs like Avril Lavinge’s “Skater Boi”.

Dylan Bradley is breaking into the rock music scene with brand new singles and debut album No Turning Back. Heavily influenced by 90s and early 2000s rock music, Dylan Bradley brings an authentic and fresh sound for listeners worldwide. Dylan Bradley’s music covers genres including but not limited to soft rock, hard rock, and alternative rock.

His first single, “All Your Lies” was released in September, 2023, with the follow-up single “October” released in October of that year.