Dixie D’Amelio To Launch Caffeine-Free Soda Flavor “Passion”

MyMuse, the innovative beverage brand dedicated to sparking creativity and delivering better-tasting, better-for-you functional beverages, proudly announces its collaboration with social media phenomenon, singer and reality star, Dixie D’Amelio. Together, they present “Passion,” an inspired caffeine-free, adaptogenic soda flavor crafted by Dixie and brought to life by MyMuse, now available at Target, Sprouts, GoPuff, and Amazon.

Passion will be released alongside two additional new MyMuse flavors, Black Cherry and Orange U Glad. This launch marks MyMuse’s first-ever lineup of caffeine-free Inspired Sodas. The scientifically formulated Inspired Sodas feature a distinctive blend of adaptogens, electrolytes, zinc, potassium, and magnesium, offering a refreshing and functional beverage experience that supports a happy body and mind.

The limited-time product, “Passion,” is a bubbly, subtly sweet passion fruit soda flavor that embodies D’Amelio’s creativity and individuality. This launch celebrates her passions and creative pursuits, focusing on her blossoming music career and artistic collaboration with MyMuse, where she personally formulated and designed her own flavor of inspired soda.

“I am very fortunate to collaborate with a brand that gave me complete creative freedom by ensuring that my true self was represented in the final product,” said D’Amelio. “From the taste tests, design meetings, to content production, I had so much fun creating my Passion inspired Soda flavor with MyMuse and can’t wait for everyone to try it!”

MyMuse continues to disrupt the beverage category with fresh and innovative approaches that resonate with the desire from consumers for better-for-you beverages. With just 5 grams of sugar and a mere 25 calories, the new Passion, Black Cherry and Orange U Glad flavors deliver a guilt-free indulgence for those seeking a full-flavor, better-for-you soda, with no caffeine. This reformulation also extends to MyMuse’s existing consumer favorites, Strawberry Guava and Tropical Citrus.

“MyMuse aims to fuel creativity with every sip and Dixie’s Passion soda embodies this ethos through sparking her own creativity with her hydrating soda innovation,” said Megan Robles, Vice President of Marketing at MyMuse. “Our collaboration with Dixie D’Amelio marks a significant milestone in MyMuse’s journey to provide consumers with unique and inspiring beverage options.”

MyMuse’s full portfolio includes a line of Enhanced Organic Waters and Inspired Sodas that provide targeted functionality, without compromising on taste. Designed to hydrate, refresh and inspire, these immunity-supporting and adaptogenic beverages offer delicious natural flavors.

The limited-time-only “Passion” flavor by D’Amelio, alongside the complete caffeine-free Inspired Soda lineup is available at Target, Sprouts, GoPuff, and Amazon. To learn more about MyMuse, visit https://drinkmymuse.com.