Goodwill Encourages Coachella Fans To Shift To Thrift

Photo Credit: Matt Houlemard

Goodwill Industries International and Goodwill of Southern California are highlighting sustainability, inclusivity, and creativity at this year’s Coachella festival (April 12-21, 2024) by empowering art and design activities in partnership with Los Angeles-based Scene Creative.

Festivalgoers can tap into their inner artist and fashion designer at The Coachella Art Studios, offering a variety of cost-free and creative activities from jewelry making and upcycling inspirations using thrifted clothing to live drawing, decorating tote bags, and interacting with designers and artists.

At this year’s festival, Goodwill is embracing diversity and inclusivity in fashion by partnering with mannequin maker, Greneker, whose founder, Lillian Greneker redefined the mannequin and visual merchandising industry 94 years ago. Greneker is providing the figures, which invite size inclusivity and diversity, turning the blank mannequins into artifacts and stories of the festival. Coachella fans will style different looks for the mannequins using clothing sourced from Goodwill.

“Thrifting at Goodwill is a way to find distinctive and one-of-a-kind items that truly express your personality and unique style. For many, Goodwill plays an important role in their creative process. From a t-shirt to a vintage vase, every item in our store can be transformed and given a second life. It’s in the hands of the shopper to show us another way to imagine its use,” said Onney Crawley, chief marketing officer for Goodwill Industries International. “We want art and design to be accessible for anyone, anywhere.”

On April 20, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter James Fauntleroy will be on-site hosting a conversation focused on the Art of the Craft. Fauntleroy, a Goodwill aficionado and avid thrifter, will provide insight into his career and work in empowering individuals to reimagine their world by adding new ideas to old items. James and Goodwill representatives will discuss their partnership, past projects, and upcoming music initiatives.

Visitors to The Coachella Art Studios can also use sustainable supplies in fun and creative ways and walk away with a custom, one-of-a-kind item. “The Coachella Art Studios is an immersive space for festival goers to explore their creativity. We provide an array of art materials for people to transform their Coachella experience.” Sarah Scheideman, founder of The Coachella Art Studios.

Goodwill’s presence at Coachella celebrates the thrill of expressing one’s individuality through unique and affordable distinctive or vintage items, while shopping sustainably. The Coachella Art Studios, produced by Scene Creative – which produces interactive craft experiences for festivals, brands, education, government and corporate events – have been a highly popular feature of the music festival for the last decade.

Proceeds from thrifted finds in Goodwill stores are used to help thousands of people receive skills training and other human service programs. Goodwill employment centers provide free and convenient access to tools, technology, training and support for those looking for work in a variety of industries. In 2022, more than 129,000 people were placed into jobs with that support.

Goodwill stores also help extend the life of usable items. Last year alone, Goodwill prevented more than 4 billion pounds of unwanted items from ending up in landfills.

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