No Official Releases For Record Store Day? Here’s How You Can Still Get Involved

The next Record Store Day will be on Saturday, April 20th. Be sure to save that date on your calendars for the largest single-day music event in the world, taking place at a record store near you.

Even if you don’t have a release officially connected with the event, you can still get involved as an artist, unofficially, of course.

Store Visits: Artists can visit local record stores on Record Store Day to show their support, browse through records, and interact with fans and store staff.

Social Media Shoutouts: Artists can use their social media platforms to promote Record Store Day, share their favorite record stores, and encourage their followers to participate.

Playlist Recommendations: Artists can create and share playlists of their favorite records or songs on streaming platforms, highlighting the importance of exploring and appreciating physical music.

Online Q&A Sessions: Artists can host live Q&A sessions on platforms like Instagram or Twitter, where they can answer questions from fans about music, records, and their own musical journey.

Collaborate with Record Stores: Artists can collaborate with record stores to curate special sections or displays featuring their favorite albums or genres, adding a personal touch to the store’s offerings.

Record Store Day Playlists: Artists can create special playlists specifically for Record Store Day, showcasing songs that have inspired them or tracks from fellow artists they admire.

Promote Independent Record Stores: Artists can use their platform to promote independent record stores in their area or online, emphasizing the importance of supporting local businesses.

Share Personal Stories: Artists can share personal stories or memories related to record stores and vinyl records, creating a connection with fans and emphasizing the cultural significance of these spaces.

Collaborate with Fans: Artists can encourage fans to share their own Record Store Day experiences, vinyl collections, or favorite finds on social media using a specific hashtag, creating a community around the event.

Host Virtual Events: Artists can host virtual events like listening parties, discussions, or live performances on Record Store Day, bringing the celebration online and engaging with fans from around the world.

By getting involved in these unofficial ways, artists can show their support for Record Store Day, celebrate the culture of physical music, and connect with fans and the broader music community.