Guitarist Plays Black Sabbath Riffs With All Strings Tuned to B

Check out Bloxsy, the British musical maestro, who’s not afraid to flip the script! Picture this: he’s taken his guitar, cranked up the cool factor by tuning all the strings to ‘B,’ and unleashed a barrage of Black Sabbath riffs like you’ve never heard before.

But wait, there’s more. Bloxsy didn’t just stop at playing the classics. Oh no, he went full-on rebel mode and renamed each riff with a buzzing twist. We’re talking “Black Sabees” (“Black Sabbath”), “Symptom of the Bee Verse” (“Symptom of the Universe”), “Children of the Bees” (“Children of the Grave”), “The Wizard of Bees” (“The Wizard”), “Paranoid Bees” (“Paranoid”), “Into the Bee-Void” (“Into the Void”), and “Hand of Bees” (“Hand of Doom”) and more.