My Next Read: “Sand, Sequins & Silicone” by Pia Mia

Princess came to LA to make something of herself, to share her music, and find real love . . . She’s got an amazing squad of friends and a certain blue-eyed man who she can’t get out of her head. With a new single just released, everyone wants a piece of her: party invitations, paparazzi, and custom couture dresses abound. She’s living her California dream.

But Hollywood isn’t exactly what she thought it would be. Behind closed doors, there’s lies and loneliness disguised by smiles and laughter. It’s hard to know who to trust, or what’s fake and what’s real. Princess just wants success―on her own terms―but needs to make sure she doesn’t lose herself in the process.

This juicy debut novel by international recording artist Pia Mia is an intimate, insider peek at the ups and downs of fame in the music industry, told from the point of view of an up-and-coming pop star.

One of the most undiscovered gems in music, PIA MIA, with her spellbinding stage presence and heavenly vocals, released a canon of rhythmic pop classics, club staples, and cinematic ballads, is known for her collaborations and associations with the most creative, accomplished, and influential entertainers in Hollywood. While not traditionally mainstream, PIA MIA has a cult-like following in Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Tokyo and other urban cultural music centers.

Born PIA MIA PEREZ in the western pacific island of Guam, at 13 she moved to Los Angeles where she signed with major record labels, established her own label, and released hits including Do It Again featuring Chris Brown and Tyga, Touch, and Bitter Love. With images of her in Times Square, Italian Vogue, and other major fashion magazines, she was the creative director for Madonna’s clothing brand Material Girl and other international brands.

An original with a diva’s voice and an independent soul, PIA MIA’s most recent drops have included featuring on 2022’s Sean Paul track How We Do It, twocolors’ Lovefool remake, and James Hype’s jam Good Luck. In 2021, she released the trippy introspective EP My Side, the jewel Whole Thing, and the angelic holiday EP Christmas.