Air Canada Musically Transports You to Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris with Musical Travel Guides

With its Un air de chez nous platform, Air Canada celebrates Québec culture by launching three musical guides created in collaboration with renowned Québec artists. Charlotte Cardin, Alexandra Stréliski and Sarahmée each present their beloved European city with a carefully curated musical playlist designed with their favourite places in mind.

Charlotte Cardin invites us into the intimacy of her home-away-from-home in Paris, while Sarahmée lets us tag along on her breathtaking adventures in Barcelona and Alexandra Stréliski gives us a taste of Amsterdam’s eclectic vibe. These musical travel guides are available on Air Canada’s enRoute website and on Spotify, beginning today, and offer a timely source of inspiration for travellers planning their summer travels to the old continent.

“Music is a powerful means of exploration: We listen to music on our way to our destination, but it also has the capacity to call up memories and to take us back to specific moments during our travels, just like flavours and sensations do,” explains Martine Boulerice, Director, Brand Marketing – Québec and Aeroplan, at Air Canada. “This is the insight at the base of the idea of working with Québec artists, to inspire and guide people who are discovering or rediscovering Europe this summer. In addition to sharing their favourite places and personal anecdotes with us, these artists take us on a journey with their highly inspiring musical selections.”

These three accomplished and very successful artists have had the opportunity to immerse themselves in and discover the many hidden treasures of great European cities. Their travel guides offer a reflection of their unique, personal experiences, packed with great recommendations for must-see places, all brought to you by Air Canada. ParisBarcelona and Amsterdam are among the 20 European destinations that are just a non-stop Air Canada flight away from Montréal.

Charlotte Cardin presents Paris

Whether you’re looking for the perfect café for a luscious flat white or the best place for a leisurely Sunday brunch, for two or for the whole family, the Montréal singer will lead you there, as if you were joining in on her own personal exploration of the City of Light. “I always take my friends and family members to Hôtel Amour because, for me, it’s the perfect place for a lovely brunch on a plant-filled terrace that somehow feels both private and lively,” says Charlotte Cardin, introducing a ballad that is close to her heart.

Alexandra Stréliski presents Amsterdam

“You really can’t go to the Netherlands without thinking about cycling. If there is one thing I recommend, it’s to get on a bicycle! […] I chose a Dutch artist that I have just discovered and that I like a lot. There is a very relaxing side to what she does that makes you feel like heading off on a ride and letting your thoughts flow free,” confides Alexandra Stréliski, and this light melodic track definitely gives us the urge to explore Amsterdam!

Sarahmée presents Barcelona

Sarahmée’s playlist showcases the richness and splendour of Barcelona. She takes us to the narrow streets of Poblenou, an iconic neighbourhood covered with magnificent frescos. “You really understand a city when you discover its street art […] When I see art, it really does my soul good. And this song has the same effect,” proclaims Sarahmée, speaking of a track from another of our very own artists.

Find the complete Musical Travel Guides on Air Canada’s enRoute website or listen to the playlists on Spotify:

Charlotte Cardin:
Paris Musical Travel Guide by Charlotte Cardin
Paris by Charlotte Cardin on Spotify

Alexandra Stréliski:
Amsterdam Musical Travel Guide  by Alexandra Stréliski
Amsterdam by Alexandra Stréliski on Spotify

Barcelona Musical Travel Guide by Sarahmée
Barcelona by Sarahmée on Spotify