Jennarie’s Pop Jazzy Self-Love Anthem With ‘Stop (you can let it go)’

Montreal-born, Toronto-raised Queer pop artist Jennarie’s sophomore luscious jazz single “Stop (you can let it go)” is out now. This vibey and motivational track is anchored by luscious vocals and a splash of jazz harmonies reminiscent of Yebba and Amy Winehouse.

Jennarie first cut her teeth in the Toronto music scene, where she gained a powerful stage presence by performing regular live shows all over town. She’s continued to make waves and build a strong name for herself in the years since, with renowned Canadian print and online magazine The WholeNote recently hailing her for her “big voice, fearless delivery, ebullient sense of rhythm, and bubbles of humor.”

She enlisted producer Nick Tateishi for the project, who recently provided production to singer and songwriter Francois Klark’s JUNO Award-nominated 2022 sophomore album, Adventure Book, and is known for his work with the likes of Clerel, HILLARI, and Kiki Rowe, to name a few.

“I’ve learned to detect the subtle yet potent presence of resentment in my body—a tightening in my chest, a tendency to ruminate on others’ choices or actions (or lack thereof). Recognizing this, I redirect my focus inward,” Jennarie explains on the track. “The opening line, “When you point your finger at another, you are pointing at the mirror,” speaks to the process of healing people-pleasing tendencies and transforming resentment into self-empowerment and love.”

“Stop (you can let it go),” is a vibey R&B and pop track featuring lush vocal stacks and a splash of jazz harmony that inspires listeners to choose compassion and self-love. “I aim for “Stop (you can let it go)” to serve as a beacon of empowerment for those grappling with comparison, judgment, and gossip,” Jennarie said. “Drawing from my DBT practice, I hope the song’s themes offer both instruction and comfort to those in need.”